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Reference for the teleport_cluster_networking_config Terraform data-source



  • metadata (Attributes) Metadata is resource metadata (see below for nested schema)
  • spec (Attributes) Spec is a ClusterNetworkingConfig specification (see below for nested schema)
  • sub_kind (String) SubKind is an optional resource sub kind, used in some resources
  • version (String) Version is the resource version. It must be specified. Supported values are:v2.

Nested Schema for metadata


  • description (String) Description is object description
  • expires (String) Expires is a global expiry time header can be set on any resource in the system.
  • labels (Map of String) Labels is a set of labels

Nested Schema for spec


  • assist_command_execution_workers (Number) AssistCommandExecutionWorkers determines the number of workers that will execute arbitrary Assist commands on servers in parallel
  • case_insensitive_routing (Boolean) CaseInsensitiveRouting causes proxies to use case-insensitive hostname matching.
  • client_idle_timeout (String) ClientIdleTimeout sets global cluster default setting for client idle timeouts.
  • idle_timeout_message (String) ClientIdleTimeoutMessage is the message sent to the user when a connection times out.
  • keep_alive_count_max (Number) KeepAliveCountMax is the number of keep-alive messages that can be missed before the server disconnects the connection to the client.
  • keep_alive_interval (String) KeepAliveInterval is the interval at which the server sends keep-alive messages to the client.
  • proxy_listener_mode (Number) ProxyListenerMode is proxy listener mode used by Teleport Proxies. 0 is "separate"; 1 is "multiplex".
  • proxy_ping_interval (String) ProxyPingInterval defines in which interval the TLS routing ping message should be sent. This is applicable only when using ping-wrapped connections, regular TLS routing connections are not affected.
  • routing_strategy (Number) RoutingStrategy determines the strategy used to route to nodes. 0 is "unambiguous_match"; 1 is "most_recent".
  • session_control_timeout (String) SessionControlTimeout is the session control lease expiry and defines the upper limit of how long a node may be out of contact with the auth server before it begins terminating controlled sessions.
  • tunnel_strategy (Attributes) TunnelStrategyV1 determines the tunnel strategy used in the cluster. (see below for nested schema)
  • web_idle_timeout (String) WebIdleTimeout sets global cluster default setting for the web UI idle timeouts.

Nested Schema for spec.tunnel_strategy


Nested Schema for spec.tunnel_strategy.agent_mesh


  • active (Boolean) Automatically generated field preventing empty message errors

Nested Schema for spec.tunnel_strategy.proxy_peering


  • agent_connection_count (Number)