Simplifying FedRAMP Compliance with Teleport
Jun 27
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Teleport Policy

Unify and control access policies across
all of your infrastructure

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Identify and Lock Threat Actors

It takes an adversary 84 minutes to pivot from an initial breach to the rest of your infrastructure. 
 (Crowdstrike 2023 Global Threat Report)

Stop threat actors in their tracks and manage access paths and policy with Teleport Policy.

Gain Visibility and Control

Without Teleport, it takes the fastest companies a couple of hours to identify who has access to specific infrastructure. With Access Graph, you can view access relationships in seconds.

Comprehensive Visibility

View unified, up-to-date relationships and policies between all users, groups, and computing resources with Access Graph.

Instant Discovery

Explore users, policies, and resources to instantly uncover who has access to what resource.

Eliminate Shadow and Risky Access

Uncover shadow and risky access patterns. Achieve fine-grained oversight and continuous tuning of privileges and access behavior.

Query Access Graph

Dive into detailed access paths for users, protocols, and resources through powerful queries.

Optimize Access

Strategically analyze and refine access paths to proactively eliminate potential risks and fine-tune access behavior.

Unify Policy Management

Manage policy across your infrastructure in one place. Get rid of esoteric languages and numerous file formats and templates.

Query Policy

Query policy across AWS, Azure, GCP, on-premises, services and custom apps. Get rid of esoteric, discrete forms and templates and standardize query language with SQL.

Manage Policy

Manage policy for all of your infrastructure in one centralized location. Scale security models across the company and monitor for backdoor or risky access paths.

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Teleport Access

On-demand, least privileged access, with identity security and zero trust

Teleport Identity

Harden your infrastructure with identity governance and security

Teleport Policy

Unify and control access policies across all of your infrastructure

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