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Teleport 10

Teleport 10

Length: 03:27

Teleport is a certificate authority and access plane for your infrastructure. With Teleport you can:

  • Use a single solution to access your SSH servers, Kubernetes clusters, databases, desktops, and web applications.
  • Define sophisticated access policies for every component of your infrastructure, with fine-grained audit logs and session recordings.
  • Automatically on– and off-board users via integrations with single sign-on providers like GitHub, Okta, and Google Workspace.

Try out Teleport

Quickly see how Teleport works in one of our demo environments.

Choose an edition

Read one of our Getting Started guides to see how to deploy open source Teleport, Teleport Enterprise, or Teleport Cloud.

You can also compare Teleport editions.

  • Open Source Teleport: Learn how to host your own open source Teleport deployment on a standalone Linux server.
  • Teleport Enterprise: Get started with a self-hosted Teleport Enterprise deployment, which gives you more advanced features and full customization.
  • Teleport Cloud: Try Teleport hosted by us in the cloud for free.

Configure access

Secure your infrastructure while keeping your engineers productive.

  • Set up SSO:Configure Teleport's integration with GitHub so you can automatically on– andoff-board users.
  • Define roles:Manage who can access which parts of your infrastructure.

Add your infrastructure

Use Teleport to provide secure access to all of your infrastructure.