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Upcoming Teleport Releases


The Teleport team delivers a new major release roughly every 3 months.



(Preview) GCP Auto-Discovery for Server Access

Teleport will be able to automatically enroll GCP VM for server access.

(Preview) OpsGenie Access Request Plugin

Teleport will include OpsGenie access plugin.

Delayed from Teleport 13.0.0.

13.1.0June 5th, 2023

Teleport Cloud

The key deliverables for Teleport Cloud in the next quarter:

Week ofDescription
May 8th, 2023Add support for hosted Access Request plugins
June 5th, 2023Teleport 13.1 begins to roll out for Cloud customers
June 5th, 2023Advanced Audit Log rollout begins

Production readiness

Teleport follows semantic versioning for pre-releases and releases.


Pre-releases of Teleport (versions with suffixes like -alpha, -beta, -rc) should not be run in production environments.

Pre-releases of Teleport are great for testing new features, breaking changes, and backwards incompatibility issues either in development or staging environments.

Major Releases

Major releases look like 13.0.0.

Major releases of Teleport contain many large new features and may contain breaking changes.

Due to the scope and quantity of changes in a major release, we encourage deploying to staging first to verify your usage pattern has not changed.

Minor Releases

Minor releases look like 13.X.0.

Minor releases of Teleport typically contain smaller features and improvements. Minor releases can typically be deployed directly to production.

Most customers upgrade to the next major version of Teleport during the first minor release, such as 13.1.0.

Patch Releases

Patch releases contain small bug fixes and can typically be deployed directly to production.

Preview Policy

A product or feature may be marked as "Preview" if any of the following is true.

  • The product or feature is missing key functionality. For example, Microsoft SQL Server support for database access initially shipped without audit logging support.
  • The product or feature has NOT been adopted by at least 2 existing customers.
  • The product or feature has NOT been through a security audit.
  • The documentation for the product or feature is incomplete.
  • Assets (e.g. binaries) associated with the feature are not published to our official downloads page.

Use preview features in production if the above issues are not a concern.