Our Vision

Freedom from computing environments


Do computing anywhere

Engineers are the builders of our future.
The promise is so immense.
But today's computing environments have too much complexity,
Too many barriers, and too little trust.
Engineering has turned from what's possible to what's pressing.

We need freedom to move.
Freedom to do computing anywhere,
In any environment,
With total trust.

Teleport Manifesto

Our vision for the future

We are trying to solve the problem every company has - how to run and access software running anywhere in a secure and compliant manner. We call this environment-free computing.

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Freedom from computing environments

Teleport enables engineers to quickly access any computing resource anywhere on the planet. Our open source products provide a Access Plane (AP) for developers and security professionals seeking to simplify secure access to servers, applications, and data across all environments.

Our Access Plane solution includes

Teleport is the access plane of choice among leading companies, including Elastic, Samsung, NASDAQ, and IBM. We are backed by Kleiner Perkins, Y Combinator and S28 Capital.

Teleport is a pioneer in environment-free computing. Headquartered in Oakland, California, we embrace a remote-first work culture.

Access Plane

Open source

Open to the core

Open source and open standards are core to how we deliver solutions our customers can trust. Companies do not want to be locked into proprietary APIs, data formats or rely on closed-source solutions. They need the flexibility to extend products to meet their interoperability, security, and compliance requirements.

Trusted by leading organizations

Our offices

Oakland, CA

Oakland CA

Seattle, WA

Seattle WA

Toronto, Canada


Our investors

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