Teleport 16: Advancing Infrastructure Defense in Depth with Device Trust, MFA, and VNET
Jul 25
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About Us

We help companies stay secure while moving fast

Teleport is trusted by the world’s most innovative companies who refuse to trade agility for security. By consolidating all aspects of infrastructure access into a single platform, Teleport reduces attack surface area, cuts operational overhead, easily enforces compliance, and improves productivity.
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Our Vision

Today's computing environments have too much complexity, too many network boundaries, and too little trust. Complexity slows engineers down and leads to human errors. Complex systems can’t be secure despite the red tape of bureaucracy. We make trusted computing simple. This gives engineers freedom to move and freedom to build a better future.

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Our Investors

Backed by leading investors

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Our Culture

How we behave

Company values are great, but behavior is what we all live every day. If you join us as an employee, or trust us as a customer, these are the behaviors you can expect to see from us. Every time.

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We write it down

Writing things down helps to preserve and share our thoughts, leads to smarter work and more scalable growth.

We are professionals

We treat each other the same way we treat our customers: with respect.

We Start Simple And Iterate

Contemplating every scenario slows us down. By quickly launching the simplest working implementation of an idea we improve faster or fail cheaply. Perfect is the enemy of good. There will always be the v2.

We are drivers, not passengers

Drivers take control, responsibility and influence outcomes.

We are builders

Ideas themselves are useless. Building something new starts with unglamorous, tedious work that sets the foundation for scale later.

We lift each other up

We never elevate ourselves at someone’s expense.

We assume the principle of charity

When communication is brief and something is unclear, we assume that the other person is just as smart as we are, and is acting in good faith.

We value each other’s time

We put the extra effort into making it easy for others to work with us. We respect being “in the zone” and understand the cost of context shifting.

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Working at Teleport

Your career is ready to blast off

Teleport is growing fast and we need passionate people to join us. If you are inspired by our vision and see yourself in our behaviors, we encourage you to explore our careers page.

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Remote-first culture

Teleport is headquartered in Oakland, California but we have employees all over the world.

Great benefits

We provide medical, dental, paid-time off, 401K matching and a $4,800 yearly wellness benefit to use on anything that will keep you happy and productive.

A piece of the pie

Every Teleport employee receives equity and has a stake in the success of the company.

Our awards

And the winner is...

From leading analyst firms to top workplace awards, Teleport is recognized as a leader. It's just one more reason why we are trusted by many of the world's largest, most security-conscious organizations.

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Our Leadership Team

Headshot of Ev Kontsevoy

Ev Kontsevoy

Co-founder and CEO

Headshot of Alexander Klizhentas

Alexander Klizhentas

Co-founder and CTO

Headshot of Taylor Wakefield

Taylor Wakefield

Co-founder and COO

Headshot of Xin Ding

Xin Ding

VP Products

Headshot of Alex Feune de Colombi

Alex Feune de Colombi

VP of People

Headshot of Diana Jovin

Diana Jovin

VP of Marketing

Join Us

Careers at Teleport

We are growing quickly. Join us to help move cloud computing into a brighter, and more secure, future.

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  • Aleksandr, CTO

    Aleksandr, CTO

  • Brian, Software Engineer

    Brian, Software Engineer

  • Ev, CEO

    Ev, CEO

  • Isaiah, Software Engineer

    Isaiah, Software Engineer

  • Kafi, HR Director

    Kafi, HR Director

  • Travis, Head of Customer Success

    Travis, Head of Customer Success

  • Taylor, COO

    Taylor, COO

  • Joshua, Enterprise Account Executive

    Joshua, Enterprise Account Executive

  • Kafi, HR Director

    Kafi, HR Director

  • Taylor, COO

    Taylor, COO

  • Travis, Head of Customer Success

    Travis, Head of Customer Success