Teleport Labs

These interactive labs provide you with a pre-configured Teleport instance to experiment, learn, and see how Teleport can help you solve real-world problems. It runs entirely in your browser, enabling you to learn more about our technology at your own pace.

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Featured Labs

Teleport Application Access

Preview Teleport Application Access, connect to a Grafana instance, setup a wiki and protect it with Application Access.

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Teleport Database Access Demo

Learn how to use Teleport to securely access and configure a remote mysql database.

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Teleport Kubernetes Access

Access and connect a Kubernetes Cluster using Teleport and view the Kubernetes Dashboard using Teleport Application Access.

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Teleport Server Access

Preview Teleport by using tsh to access a server and adding your first Teleport SSH node to a demo cluster.

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Other Labs

Teleport Lab

Get yourself familiar with Teleport with our demo lab environment.

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