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When security and a frictionless engineering experience matter, the most innovative companies in the world trust Teleport for Identity-Native Infrastructure Access.

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In Their Own Words

Learn how these companies embraced Identity-Native Infrastructure Access for a frictionless engineering experience. These are their stories.

ECMWF provides remote access to mission critical weather services while protecting their supercomputing infrastructure.

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ExtraHop secures access with identity to Kubernetes and server infrastructure without impacting engineering productivity or audit and compliance.

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Flywheel Accelerates Deployments and Provides Agile, Compliant Support for Biomedical Researchers using Teleport.

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Jasper’s Agile DevOps Strategy Relies on Engineers Having Instant Access to Resources via Teleport.

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ThredUP Does Kubernetes Access with Teleport and frees up engineering from managing homegrown tools.

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Mapgears Empowers Engineers and Developers to Better Support Customers Using Teleport.

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  • Teleport is a strategic technology partner as they help our joint customers to scale their AWS resources in a secure manner . With Teleport’s Identity-Native Infrastructure Access solution, DevOps engineers get a frictionless experience managing infrastructure that doesn’t require secrets while implementing zero trust architectures in AWS

    Benjamin Gardiner, Senior Partner Solutions Architect AWS Startups

  • Teleport Access Requests changed the game in simplifying our infrastructure access for various compliances. It's led to more freedom and innovation by allowing us to move away from pre-defined root accounts. We have been extremely happy with the product.

    Erik Redding, Director, Site Reliability Engineering

  • We want our customers to think of Gladly not only for our product and offering, but as a platform that is secure and gives them this assurance that [we’re] doing everything to protect [their users’] data.

    Charles Soesanto, Head of Security

  • Teleport solved our onboarding problem, allowing us to use OKTA to automatically provision certificates and Teleport to enforce access control to our Kubernetes environments. With Teleport and OKTA, onboarding and off-boarding is a breeze.

    Matthew Zeier, Director, Production Engineering and Operations

  • Teleport allows us to comply with the regulatory hurdles that come with running an international stock exchange. The use of bastion hosts, integration with our identity service and auditing capabilities give us a compliant way to access our internal infrastructure.

    Brendan Germain, Systems Reliability Engineer

    We love that Teleport is open source. We use the open source version every day to grant SSH access to remote employees. We can't live without certificate-based authentication and the audit log functionality.

    Mitch Smith, Managing Director

  • Teleport is our solution for secure remote access to customer environments. We’re especially fond of the node tunneling feature, which allows us to access environments with restrictive firewall policies in place. The OIDC integration and full session capture are key for us as well.

    Zac Bergquist, Software Engineer

  • We use Teleport Access Requests in combination with Auth0 to easily manage access to our infrastructure. Prior to Teleport, we manually managed SSH keys and a bastion machine and it was an organizational nightmare. It has great configuration options, and the UI is great for junior engineers that may need access to certain infrastructure, but aren't very SSH savvy.

    Dylan Stamat, CTO

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