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Jul 25
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Customer Case Study

How Teleport helped Buyers Edge Platform scale onboarding

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Buyers Edge Platform is a unified cloud platform that provides data insights to the food service industry. Using data ingestion, aggregation and reporting mixed with proprietary AI technology, they are working to transform the food service supply chain.

After experiencing a period of explosive growth following the pandemic, their tech support team became burdened with the onboarding of many new team members. These consisted of developers, data scientists and other talent with vastly different roles requiring access to many different types of resources and environments. To handle this load, they chose Teleport to help alleviate this increasingly complex task.

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Secretless Database Access

Secure, compliant, and effortless Database Access for all DBs from Amazon Aurora to Snowflake.

Employee onboarding/access

Teleport provided a platform that not only grants access to all of their resources in a single interface, but offers role-based access controls to ensure that each user has the specific access (and restrictions) that they need.

Instead of generating new keys or passwords and the subsequent management of those resources, Teleport acts as a certificate authority to automatically provide privileged access to infrastructure based on user identity.

Resource Management

In addition to speeding up employee onboarding, Buyers Edge Platform was able to utilize Teleport's dynamic database registration service to “auto-discover” their many AWS RDS databases. This allows for registering any new databases (or updating/unregistering existing ones) without having to update the static configuration and restarting the database agents

John Wieder, Senior Systems Administrator at Buyers Edge Platform states, ’We didn't want to manually manage config information for our many dozens of databases. [A] significant amount of overhead would be involved with manually configuring those databases, adding them into Teleport, changing the config when the databases change. Fortunately, the bulk of our databases right now are RDS, which allowed us to take advantage of Teleport's auto-discovery feature.’

Finally, Buyers Edge Platform is actively integrating Teleport into their CI/CD pipeline using Teleport's Terraform provider . This provider allows engineers to manage Teleport users, roles and auth connector settings from within Terraform.

Teleport stood out as being more feature-rich and well-documented than some of the other competing products that we looked at to solve that for us.

John Wieder

Senior Systems Administrator







  • Challenges
  • Handle rapid growth following the pandemic overburdening the tech support team with onboarding and granting varying levels of access
  • Register/update/unregister dozens of AWS RDS databases
  • Results
  • Teleport helped to speed up onboarding of new team members by providing a single, unified platform for secure access to requested resources.
  • Teleport provided dynamic database registration and management for dozens of databases.