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Oct 25
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Essential security for engineers who prefer to host and run their own software

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Protect your infrastructure with essential security & compliance capabilities

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  • Essential security & compliance features
  • 50,000 Teleport Identity Authorizations
  • 50 Teleport Protected Resources


Advanced security & compliance capabilities
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  • Cloud or Self-Hosted Options
  • Advanced Security & Compliance Features
  • Enterprise SSO Integrations
  • Priority Support, SLAs, and Implementation Services

Teleport features

Our features
Enterprise Cloud
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Monthly active users

$15 per Monthly Active User

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Contact sales

Maximum users




Teleport Protected Resources

50 included per month, $0.99/each thereafter



Max Teleport Protected Resources




Teleport Identity Authorizations

50,000 included per month, $0.001 each thereafter



Maximum Teleport Identity Authorizations

300,000 monthly




100GB included $40/100GB thereafter









Enterprise SLAs, 24x7 emergency assistance with priority support package, optional onboarding support

Enterprise SLAs, 24x7 emergency assistance with priority support package, optional onboarding support

Access Controls


Teleport SSO GitHub SSO



Just-in-time Access Requests

Role-based access Controls

Moderated sessions

Device Trust

Compliance Controls

Access controls for FedRAMP

FIPS Binaries and Encryption modes

SOC 2 / PCI DSS access controls


Audit Logs & Session Recording

Structured Audit Logs

YouTube-like Session Recordings with playback

Enhanced Session Recording with detailed kernel-level events

Infrastructure Access

Linux Servers

Windows Servers & Desktops

Kubernetes clusters & pods


AWS, GCP, and Azure CLI & API

Applications such as CI/CD workers, monitoring dashboards, internal applications

Machine-to-machine access


Just-in-time access: Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie

Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Terraform, K8s Operator

Cloud providers: AWS, Azure, GCP

Security information and event management (SIEM): Elastic, Splunk, Panther and anything that integrates with Fluentd

Endpoint Management: Jamf, Intune Endpoint management

Ticketing: ServiceNow, JIRA

HSM/KMS module support

Coming soon

Teleport Pricing - FAQ

Your free trial lasts for 14 days, during which you will not be billed. On the 15th day, your first monthly billing cycle will start. Your credit card on file will be charged at the end of the monthly billing cycle. For instance, if you start your trial on June 1st, your free trial will end on June 14th, your first billing cycle will start on June 15th, and your card will be charged on July 14th.

Should you decide to cancel your subscription during the 14-day trial period, you will not incur any charges. However, should you cancel after the trial period ends, your subscription will remain active until the end of your current monthly billing cycle. At the end of the billing cycle, your card will be charged, you will lose access, and you will not incur any future charges associated with the original subscription.

The standard Teleport Team subscription has limits on Monthly Active User (MAU), Teleport Protected Resources (TPRs), and Teleport Identity Authorizations (TIAs). The maximum MAUs allowed in Teleport Team is 30, after which we may reach out to you and ask that you upgrade to an Enterprise offering. The first 50 monthly TPRs are included in the standard subscription at no additional cost and you will be charged $0.99/TPR/month thereafter. Similarly, the first monthly 50,000 TIAs are included at no additional cost and you will be charged $0.001/TIA/month thereafter. Note that Teleport Team also limits total monthly TIA to 300,000, after which we may ask you to upgrade to Enterprise.

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Why Use Teleport

Before and after Teleport

Before Teleport

  • Access silos everywhere. Engineers use a mixture of VPNs, bastion hosts and proxies.
  • High operational overhead of managing privileges across different infrastructure layers.
  • Vulnerable to phishing because access is granted based on static credentials.
  • Connectivity, authentication, authorization and audit are handled by stitched together systems such as IAM, SASE, PAM, and SIEM.
  • Privileges are granted based on static user roles.
Before Teleport diagram

After Teleport

  • A single login command gives engineers access to all infrastructure layers they need.
  • Single place to manage all privileges for all layers of the stack, for humans and machines.
  • Phishing-proof access is based on ephemeral or single-use certificates.
  • Vertically integrated access platform tailored to the scale and security considerations of cloud-native infrastructure.
  • Minimal privileges are dynamically granted to complete a given task.
After Teleport diagram

Business Value of Teleport

Teleport is used by companies of all sizes to protect their mission- critical infrastructure. Not only does Teleport improve the developer experience of accessing infrastructure and the operations experience of managing access, but it also drives hard cost savings and reduces risk.

Risk Mitigation

“Teleport’s use of identity instead of credentials …reduce[s] risk by 200% compared to that posed by static credentials.”

Cost Savings

“Not only does the solution reduce complexity and improve efficiency… it does this while reducing annual infrastructure, license, and support costs by 40%.

Productivity Improvement

“Teleport's approach will reduce the impact of context switching conservatively by 50%.

User Lifecycle Management

“We saw the ability to manage identity lifecycle through a single platform reducing these costs by over 99%.

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