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Improve Security & Compliance for AWS Infrastructure

Easily control who can provision and access your critical AWS resources
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Unique challenges faced by AWS customers

Managing identity-based access to AWS resources across multiple accounts is time-consuming and complex but necessary to control costs, as well as ensure security and compliance.
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Infrastructure sprawl

You need to control who can provision infrastructure to control costs and prevent sprawl.

Granular access

Different teams require different levels of identity-based access for different resources.

Security & Compliance

You need to lock down who can provision & access your AWS infrastructure and keep detailed audit logs.

Why AWS customers big and small trust Teleport

Our unique approach to AWS infrastructure access is not only more secure — it actually improves developer productivity. By providing an identity-aware AWS infrastructure access solution that developers love to use, you can easily implement security and compliance without worrying about backdoors that outmoded solutions encourage.

Get the most out of AWS Management Console

Control who can provision AWS resources

With Teleport, you can separate who can provision AWS resources from who can access them. We provide an identity-aware access solution for the AWS Management Console and CLI that enables fine-grained, role-based access controls to prevent unauthorized creation of AWS resources. If an SRE needs to be able to provision new AWS resources, you can easily grant temporary elevated access that automatically expires.
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AWS Management Console

Teleport provides connectivity, authentication, authorization and audit for AWS Management Console & CLI.

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Enforce the same controls for AWS Console at the AWS CLI level.

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Complete audit in AWS CloudTrail

Teleport ensures all AWS Console activity is logged in CloudTrail for complete visibility into access & behavior.

Deep integration for AWS products

Easily enforce granular controls for AWS resources

Teleport enables you to provide fine-grained, identity-based access to your critical AWS resources like Linux & Windows EC2 instances, RDS, Redshift and Aurora databases, EKS clusters, even CI/CD systems like Jenkins and dashboards like Grafana and Kibana running on AWS.
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Integrate and extend your corporate identity roles with Teleport access for EC2. New EC2 instances automatically join your Teleport cluster. Supports Linux & Windows.

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AWS RDS, Redshift & Aurora

Get table-level controls for your databases running on AWS and complete visibility to the queries your team are running.

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Specify separate permissions for Kubernetes pods running on EKS than the underlying EC2 instance.

Built to make the most out of AWS

Teleport uses AWS services for the most integrated experience

The Teleport Cloud runs on AWS, so whether you use our hosted control plane, or self-host on AWS, you get the same integrated experience.
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Hosted on AWS

The Teleport Cloud is hosted across multiple AWS regions so you can run your AWS workloads close to your Access Plane.

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Buy on AWS Marketplace

Purchase Teleport directly via the AWS Marketplace or use AWS credits to pay for Teleport usage. Private offers available for enterprise customers.

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For added security protecting the Teleport Certificate Authority (CA) running on AWS, we support AWS CloudHSM.

Works with everything you have

Teleport is open source and it relies on open standards such as X.509 certificates, HTTPS, SAML, OpenID connect and others. Deployed as a single-binary, it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your AWS stack.

AWS CloudTrail
AWS Marketplace
AWS Aurora
AWS Management Console
Active Directory

Easy to get started

Teleport is easy to deploy and use. We believe that simplicity and good user experience are key to first-class security.

Teleport consists of just two binaries.
  1. The tsh client allows users to login to retrieve short-lived certificates.
  2. The teleport agent can be installed on any server or any Kubernetes cluster with a single command.
Download Teleport
# on a client
$ tsh login

# on AWS Linux 2

$ yum install teleport

# in a Kubernetes cluster

$ helm install

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