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Jun 13
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Improve Productivity

Secure access to infrastructure that engineers need, when they need it

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Improve Onboarding & Offboarding

Reduce delays and security gaps

Reduce delays in provisioning access, improving path to productivity for new team members. Instantly revoke access, closing security gaps for engineers who have left projects or the company.

SSH Secure Access
Secure Access

Eliminate Access Silos

Improve engineer experience

Log in once to access all environments. No need to juggle passwords or hop between VPNs and clouds. Use the protocols and tools that are part of DevOps and engineer toolkits.

Adopt On-Demand Access

Access engineers need, when they need it

Embed approval workflows that grant access based on role or route to approvers for review

Database Secure Access
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Eliminate VPNs & Bastion Hosts

Secure remote access without VPNs

Access CI/CD pipelines, monitoring dashboards, code repositories and more without VPNs or open ports. Reduce attack surface by multiplexing all connections on a single public facing port using mutual TLS and certificate auth.

Unify User and Machine Access

Manage Policy for Users and Machines in One Place

Unify access control, identity and policy for all users and machines that access infrastructure, ensuring tracking and governance of all activity no matter the origin.

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Works with everything you have

Teleport integrates with 170+ resources

Secure your clouds and datacenters... and everything in them. Teleport secures access, identity, and policy for users, laptops, machines, severs, databases, Kubernetes, web applications, Windows desktops, and AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds.
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Improve Productivity

Secure access to the infrastructure you need, when you need it

Protect Infrastructure

Remove credentials and standing privileges as attack surfaces

Streamline Compliance


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