Teleport 16: Advancing Infrastructure Defense in Depth with Device Trust, MFA, and VNET
Jul 25
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E-commerce & Entertainment

Modern Access Solutions for E-Commerce & Entertainment Sectors

Teleport solves access management in the e-commerce and entertainment industries, enabling teams to focus on growth and innovation. Our solution eliminates the hassles of traditional security systems, providing a seamless, secure environment that doesn't compromise on speed or efficiency.

modern access solution

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Unique challenges faced by e-commerce & entertainment providers

Building a platform to support millions of users is a challenge. You have to move faster than your competitors & introduce new features, all while protecting consumer data. Even without compliance requirements like GDPR and CCPA, the reputation risk that comes with a major breach is reason enough to focus on security from the get-go. The tension between fast growth and security that protects your customers and reputation is real.
Unique challenges faced by e-commerce & entertainment providers illustration

You need to maximize agility to drive growth. Access controls & compliance can’t get in the way.

Security & Compliance

You need to stay secure because one major breach could end your company, but slowing down productivity just to be overtaken by a competitor isn’t the answer.


More users. More data centers. More layers of the stack. More employees. As complexity grows, so do security challenges.

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Why e-commerce and entertainment providers big and small trust Teleport

Our unique approach is not only more secure, it actually improves developer productivity. By providing an identity-native infrastructure access solution that developers love to use, you can easily implement security and compliance without worrying about backdoors that outmoded solutions encourage.

For Gaming

Built for dynamic infrastructure

Global, dynamic infrastructure requires unique solutions. Teleport makes securely accessing your Kubernetes clusters, databases, applications, and servers a breeze.
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Unified Resource Catalog

Teleport provides a live view of all connected resources and live sessions across all environments — all from one centralized catalog.

Plugins and API

Easily customize your access workflows and react to security events using your favorite programming languages.

Access Requests

Access Requests give teams the power to approve or deny privilege escalation requests using flexible workflows.

For E-Commerce

Designed for digital-native commerce

Processing transactions and handling sensitive customer data demands strong security. Global e-commerce teams rely on Teleport to make this possible, without slowing down their engineers.
Session Recordings

Use Session Recordings for knowledge sharing & incident resolution.

Session Controls

Session controls let you define and enforce policies for handling idle and concurrent sessions, and let you record interactive sessions across all protocols and environments.

Audit Log

Recorded sessions and security events are stored in an in-depth audit log, simplifying incident resolution & providing essential information for meeting compliance standards.

For Application Developers

Securing user-focused companies

With millions of users daily, maintaining a secure and compliant infrastructure can be difficult. Teleport helps teams achieve tough compliance standards, like PCI, without adding increasingly burdensome hurdles for developers.
Securing user-focused companies illustration
Access Controls

Access Controls help teams implement compliance standards like SOC 2, PCI, and FedRAMP.

Seamless Integration

Ready to use auth for internal web apps and customizable access workflows let you seamlessly integrate Teleport into your existing security stack.

Single Source of Truth

Teleport streams recorded sessions & security events to a centralized destination of choice to help create a single source of truth.

Works with everything you have

Teleport Server Access is open source and it relies on open standards such as X.509 certificates, HTTPS, SAML, OpenID connect and others. Deployed as a single-binary, it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your stack.


Google Cloud






Active Directory





...and many more

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Easy to get started

Teleport is easy to deploy and use. We believe that simplicity and good user experience are key to first-class security.

Teleport consists of just two binaries.
  1. The tsh client allows users to login to retrieve short-lived certificates.
  2. The teleport agent can be installed on any server or any Kubernetes cluster with a single command.
Download Teleport
# on a client
$ tsh login

# on a server

$ apt install teleport

# in a Kubernetes cluster

$ helm install

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