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Jun 27
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Privileged Access Management

Modernize your Privileged Access

Secure your modern infrastructure stack, streamline compliance and improve engineer productivity

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Why modern infrastructure requires a new approach to privileged access

Modern infrastructure has exploded in complexity. Modern application stacks now consist of numerous technology layers, with containers, clusters, CI/CD pipelines, ephemeral resources, and hybrid cloud and datacenter environments, each with their own security and access model. Traditional IT PAM models that are oriented around credentials and vaults, privileges management, and networks are insufficient to meet the operational needs of engineers working in these environments or the security leaders tasked with protecting them.


Credential theft as a result of human error or social engineering is the primary attack surface for identity-based cyber attacks.


Solutions that rely on the network enable breach and pivot strategies.

Standing Privileges

Standing, stale, or overprivileged accounts enable threat actors to pivot to resources that govern sensitive data, and unwieldy JIT access methods may slow engineers down.

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Teleport Modernizes Privileged Access

Our unique approach to securing privileged access not only hardens security — it actually improves engineer productivity, protecting time to market and security / compliance objectives. When you are implementing an infrastructure access platform centered on identity security that engineers love to use, you can easily implement security and compliance without worrying about the backdoors that credential-centered, manual solutions encourage.

For Security Teams

Secure Modern Infrastructure

Teleport modernizes access control for both users and machines with cryptographic identity, zero trust, and ephemeral privileges, removing credentials and standing privileges as an attack vector in your infrastructure. Teleport further unifies identity and policy governance, enabling organizations to identify and remediate weak access patterns, remove stale privileges, lock users, and enforce policy.

Cryptographic Identity

Secure users, machines, devices, and resources with identity governed by biometrics or other physical world attributes such as HSMs or TPM monitors.

Zero Trust

Eliminate the need for VPNs and network security, with each access request governed by zero trust authentication and encryption, for users, machines, and throughout your infrastructure stack.

Ephemeral Privileges

Enforce zero standing privileges for all your infrastructure resources including Linux & Windows servers, Kubernetes clusters, databases and internal applications, with every connection secured by secretless authentication and ephemeral authorization.

For Engineering Teams

Improve Engineer Productivity

Teleport dynamically refreshes all resources within a unified dashboard, accessed with biometric authentication, eliminating the need to remember disparate access paths and credentials. Access requests can be readily made and authorized through workflow automation. And, engineering managers can onboard and off board users with ease, protecting path to productivity and streamlining revocation.

Dynamic Access

Developers only need to authenticate to Teleport to access the infrastructure resources that they are authorized for. No need to remember access paths or credentials.

DevOps Friendly Tools

Engineering teams can easily manage privilege escalation requests via the tools they already use like Slack, JIRA, PagerDuty, and can work directly with infrastructure using client tools such as kubectl.

Just in Time Access Requests

Approve or deny privilege escalation requests using flexible access requests. Approve or deny access via ChatOps, Slack, PagerDuty, or access approval can be customized via the programmable API.

For Compliance Teams

Make Passing Audits a Breeze

Need to meet FedRAMP, SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 or other compliance requirements? Teleport streamlines your compliance needs and audit burden by providing recorded logs of every infrastructure event, with the ability to download audit records to your preferred SIEM for further analytics.

Rich Audit Logs

Security logs are collected on the application level, giving you rich protocol-native context for what happened and who’s responsible. Export to any SIEM or threat detection platforms for further analysis.

Session Sharing & Moderation

An interactive session can contain multiple simultaneous clients. Highly privileged sessions can be configured to always include a moderator to prevent a single client from being a point of failure.

Dual Authorization

FedRAMP AC-3 and other compliance frameworks like SOC 2 require that highly privileged actions must be approved by multiple authorized team members.

Modernizing Secure Access to Infrastructure

Discover why new approaches are needed for securing modern infrastructure, why cryptographic identity, zero trust, and ephemeral privileges are key elements to combating identity-center attacks, and why it matters today.

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