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Privileged Access Management

Modernize your PAM

Teleport is a modern PAM that secures your critical infrastructure without slowing developers down.

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Challenges with traditional PAM solutions

Protecting critical infrastructure requires a well-thought out PAM strategy. However, traditional Privileged Access Management solutions have not kept up with modern developer practices. Traditional PAM slows developers down by constantly sending them to a centralized vault to checkout credentials, and encourages insecure workarounds that leave you exposed to security threats and compliance violations.
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Developer workflows

Forcing developers to check out keys before gaining access to do their jobs wreaks havoc on productivity.

Cloud-native support

Traditional PAM solutions struggle to support cloud-native applications and automation that modern DevOps teams need.


Traditional PAM solutions are expensive to buy and complex to operate.

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Teleport is a modern PAM solution loved by Developers & Security Professionals

Our unique approach to Privileged Access Management is not only secure — it actually improves developer productivity. By providing an identity-native infrastructure access solution that developers love to use, you can easily implement security and compliance without worrying about backdoors that outmoded solutions encourage.

For Security Teams

Everything you need in a PAM

Teleport delivers essential PAM capabilities such as zero standing privileges, just-in-time (JIT) access and activity logging so that you can protect your critical infrastructure. With Teleport, you can easily enforce MFA, RBAC, and SSO using identity-based, short-lived certificates.
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All sessions are recorded and can be played back at anytime.

Zero-standing privileges

Teleport enables you to implement zero standing privileges for all your infrastructure resources including Linux & Windows servers, Kubernetes clusters, databases and internal applications.

Just-in-time access

Approve or deny privilege escalation requests using flexible access requests. Approve or deny access via ChatOps, Slack, PagerDuty, or access approval can be customized via the programmable API.

Session logging & recordings

Observe every online resource, every connection, every interactive session, in real time. Teleport records all events into a structured audit log or recording, making it easy to see what’s happening and who is responsible.

For Developers

A PAM that improves developer productivity

Teleport was built to maximize developer productivity. Instead of constantly checking out credentials from a centralized vault, Teleport enables identity-based, passwordless access to infrastructure resources directly.
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Seamless access

Because Teleport uses short-lived certificates instead of shared credentials, developers just need to authenticate via SSO one time to access any infrastructure resource.


Engineering teams can easily manage privilege escalation requests via the tools they already use like Slack and JIRA.

Works with dev tools

Teleport enables developers to use the tools they love like OpenSSH and native database clients instead of subpar tooling that ships with the PAM.

For Operations

Run your PAM just like any other app

Traditional PAM solutions are a beast to operate. Not Teleport. Deploying and managing Teleport is as easy as operating any other cloud-native application. Or use Teleport Cloud and we’ll operate it for you.
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Deploy as a container

You can deploy and run Teleport as a container and leverage your automated CI/CD pipelines or Kubernetes to manage it.

Dynamic resources

Teleport intelligently identifies when additional protected resources come online without manual registration.

Teleport Cloud

You can use Teleport Cloud to access any privileged resources no matter where they run.

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451 Research: Teleport ‘shifts left’ with cloud-native PAM platform

‘Shifting left’ has become a thing in security circles, and addressing the needs of developers is no less true in the privileged access management market. Teleport’s Access Platform combines connectivity, authentication, authorization and auditing functionality into a single PAM platform that could rightly be viewed as ‘Okta for infrastructure.'

451 Research PDF
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Buyer’s Guide for Modern PAM

This guide walks you through the essential capabilities that any Privileged Access Management solution must have to support cloud-native workloads. The guide breaks your buying decision down into three sections: Features, Ease of Use, and Maintainability.

Privileged Access Management PDF
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Easy to get started

Teleport is easy to deploy and use. We believe that simplicity and good user experience are key to first-class security.

Teleport consists of just two binaries.
  1. The tsh client allows users to login to retrieve short-lived certificates.
  2. The teleport agent can be installed on any server or any Kubernetes cluster with a single command.
Download Teleport
# on a client
$ tsh login

# on a server

$ apt install teleport

# in a Kubernetes cluster

$ helm install

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