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Jun 27
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Modernizing Secure Access to Infrastructure

Discover why new approaches are needed for securing modern infrastructure, why cryptographic identity, zero trust, and ephemeral privileges are key elements to combating identity-center attacks, and why it matters today.

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Unlock the Blueprint to Fortifying Your Infrastructure Security

In an era where cyber threats are not just evolving but becoming more sophisticated, safeguarding your organization's infrastructure is paramount. IAM Analyst Jack Poller of Paradigm Technica, in collaboration with Teleport, presents an essential white paper, "Modernizing Secure Access to Infrastructure," offering a deep dive into the latest cybersecurity threats and innovative defenses.

This resource illuminates the shortcomings of traditional security approaches to securing modern infrastructure from identity-based cyber attacks, emphasizing the importance of adopting a new security paradigm built with cryptographic identity, zero trust, and ephemeral privileges, eliminating shared secrets and standing privileges. This white paper serves as a critical guide for IT professionals and DevOps teams aiming to harden their infrastructure and critical data in the current threat landscape.

By downloading this white paper, you'll gain:

  • An understanding of why identity-related attacks are the most prevalent and dangerous threats to infrastructure security.
  • Insight into the pitfalls of traditional IT security measures and the critical need for modern solutions in cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices.
  • Practical strategies for securing modern infrastructure
  • Why this is so urgent given new, emerging threats

Request your free copy now and empower your organization with the knowledge to modernize infrastructure security, reduce risk, and enhance operational efficiency.


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