No More Backdoors: Know Who Has Access to What, Right Now
Jun 13
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Webinar - February 15, 2024 at 9 am PST

Modernizing Access to Mitigate Security Risk and Speed Threat Response

Melinda Marks headshot

Melinda Marks

Practice Director
Enterprise Strategy Group
Ev Kontsevoy headshot

Ev Kontsevoy

Aleksandr Klizhentas headshot

Aleksandr Klizhentas


Organizations face increasing risk of data breach, with threat actors taking aim at credentials and standing privileges. So, what can companies do to protect their infrastructure?

Join Melinda Marks, Practice Director of Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), Ev Kontsevoy (CEO), and Aleksandr Klizhentas (CTO) of Teleport to explore:

  • The current breach and PAM landscapes, the top security challenges companies face, and why modern access architecture is needed today
  • What modern access is, and how it both hardens infrastructure security, eliminating common attack vectors and improves engineer productivity
  • How built-in rather than bolt-on policy governance delivers powerful, real-time insights and controls to security professionals that stop threat actors in their tracks
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