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Jun 13
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Protect Your Infrastructure

Make your infrastructure resilient to identity-based attacks

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Thwart attackers

Eliminate credentials & standing privileges

Remove secrets and over permissions as attack surfaces and enforce the principle of least privileged access. Teleport leverages cryptographic identity for all users, machines, devices, resources and workloads, preventing attackers from stealing credentials or secrets or exploiting human error to gain access.

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Harden your Infrastructure Security

Teleport Access

Eliminate credentials and standing privileges. Secure remote access from anywhere to applications and workloads.

Teleport Identity

Monitor and respond to weak access patterns, lock compromised users, and deploy access requests and reviews.

Teleport Policy

View and analyze access relationships, intervene in threat incidents, and manage and apply policy across all infratructure.

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Monitor & Respond

Gain visibility into privileged access patterns

Identify weak security practices, detect overly broad privileges, and inspect how many critical sessions are not using strong protection (e.g., MFA, trusted devices) Alert on access violations and purge unused permissions with automated access rules.

Remediate Everywhere

Lock users, everywhere they access infrastructure

Lock compromised users, whether due to a lost device, a threat incident, or change in employment status, instantly across all infrastructure.

Identify & lock compromised users
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One Place for Policy

View access relationships & manage policy

Gain visibility and control, minimize attack surface and reduce management overhead with all your access space mapped out as a unified graph. Query, analyze and optimize the paths to achieve the principle of least privileged access.

Secure Access from Anywhere

Zero trust access to resources and workloads

Teleport implements Zero Trust on the application and workload level. Critical infrastructure resources do not need to listen on the network and are accessed via encrypted reverse tunnels. Multiple organizations can manage trust across teams and securely access shared infrastructure via role mapping.

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Improve Productivity

Secure access to the infrastructure you need, when you need it

Protect Infrastructure

Remove secrets and standing privileges as attack services

Streamline Compliance


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