Simplifying FedRAMP Compliance with Teleport
Jun 27
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Customer Case Study

Peace of mind with secure and auditable data management.

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Gladly offers a SaaS-based platform to help brands personalize customer experiences. The Gladly SaaS application manages customer data across channels such as email, telephony, social media, SMS, etc.

Secure access

Gladly was looking for a solution that could provide security for their SaaS application while also allowing their team to be agile.

Gladly selected Teleport to secure the cloud-native infrastructure for their SaaS platform and internal systems. Teleport works with their single sign-on provider to offer role-based access controls (RBAC), which ensures that only the right users can access systems.

Rather than using static credentials or managing SSH keys to gate access, Teleport acts as a certificate authority to automatically provide privileged access to infrastructure based on user identity.

We want our customers to think of Gladly not only for our product and offering, but as a platform that is secure and gives them this assurance that [we're] doing everything to protect [their users'] data.

Charles Soesanto

Head of Security, Gladly

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Secretless Server Access

Prevent phishing attacks, meet compliance requirements, maintain a live catalog of all trusted devices, and have complete visibility into live and past sessions.

Evidence-based data

For storing personal information that complies with US and EU privacy laws, Gladly needed a way to provide auditors and customers with evidence that their data was secure. Teleport records each session and gathers complete audit logs to provide managers with full visibility into every user session.

“With auditors or some of our customers, when they ask about the efficacy of our security process, they ask for evidence. Teleport gives us this ability to see things in real-time. So, when I show this to the auditors or show it to customers, they [say], 'Wow. you're capturing all of this. This is awesome' said Charles Soesanto, Head of Security at Gladly”

ROI on Teleport

With traditional SSH key management solutions, keys can be lost and securing systems based on user identity, unenforceable. Bringing new systems or people online requires new keys to be issued and managed, and the problem grows exponentially with elastic, cloud-native solutions that can scale quickly.

Teleport eliminated the difficulty of managing roles and access, which meant Gladly's engineers could focus on building a great product rather than accessing systems. The ROI for Teleport was the time saved from having to write and maintain custom systems for managing privileged access.

Every time a user loses their SSH credentials or a company loses track of which keys are on which servers, a company would need to spend time issuing new keys or rebuilding machines. With Teleport, that’s no longer necessary.

We've been able to step back from writing all these custom toolings, how to maintain that tooling, key management etc., and just focus on how we map our single sign-in provider into roles in Teleport. We no longer have to worry about key management, we no longer have to worry about different places we're managing user access, we all just do it through one single place, which is fantastic.

Daren Desjardins

Principal Engineer, Gladly


San Francisco







  • Challenges
  • Provide security for cloud-native infrastructure without impeding developer productivity
  • Gather evidence-based data of user access to systems to provide auditors and customers
  • Eliminate the complexity and security risk of managing SSH keys
  • Results
  • Teleport provides secure access to cloud-native infrastructure for Gladly's engineering teams.
  • Teleport helps Gladly provide evidence-based data for auditors and customers.
  • Teleport was able to eliminate the difficulty of managing roles and access even when new systems are brought online.