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Jun 13
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Secretless SSH

The easiest, most secure way to SSH

Prevent phishing attacks, meet compliance requirements, maintain a live catalog of all trusted devices, and have complete visibility into live and past sessions.

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Prevent Phishing Attacks

Move away from private keys and password towards automatically rotating SSH certificates for hosts and clients.

Automatic access provisioning

Integrate SSH with a single sign-on (SSO) provider of your choice for automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of access.

Meet compliance requirements

Continuously maintain compliance and pass audits with minimal effort. The supported standards include SOC 2, FedRAMP, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI and more.

Complete visibility into access and behavior

See what's happening and who is responsible with the live session views recorded sessions, and the audit for filesystem changes, data transfers, and command executions.

Free yourself from network boundaries

You can SSH into devices running anywhere in the field: on 3rd party private networks running behind NAT and firewalls.

Access that doesn't get In the way

Login once and easily switch between environments. No need to juggle private keys, or hop between VPNs and multiple access points.

Break access silos

Reduce overhead by consolidating SSH access permissions and audit in one place. Easily enforce policy for engineers and service accounts across all environments.



Teleport can integrate with your SSO provider, or be an SSO provider itself.

Linux User Management

Teleport automatically creates users on Linux hosts and sets their permissions according to a central policy.

Device Trust

Restrict SSH access only to trusted laptops.

Session recording

Record interactive SSH sessions and watch them in YouTube-like interface

Session sharing

Moderated sessions require more than one person to join for highly privileged tasks.


Restrict SSH access based on roles.

Machine to machine access

Issue and rotate SSH certificates for CI/CD automation with the Machine ID feature.

Access requests

Move away from privileged accounts with just-in-time temporary privilege escalation.

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Works with everything you have

Secure your clouds and datacenters... and everything in them. Teleport secures access, identity, and policy for users, laptops, machines, severs, databases, Kubernetes, web applications, Windows desktops, and AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds.
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