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Upgrading Teleport

The guides in this section show you how to upgrade Teleport to a more recent version.

Upgrading compatibility overview

Since Teleport is a distributed system with a number of services that run on potentially many hosts, you should take care when upgrading the cluster to ensure that all components remain compatible.

The Upgrading Compatibility Overview explains how to upgrade components in your Teleport cluster to ensure that they communicate as expected.

Upgrading guides

After getting familiar with the Compatibility Overview, read one of the following guides to upgrade the components in your Teleport cluster. Choose the guide that matches your Teleport edition and the platform where you run Teleport services:

Teleport Cloud:

Self-hosted deployments:

Automatic agent upgrades

We recommend that Teleport users set up automatic agent upgrades, where agents query a version server in order to determine whether they are out of date and need to install a new version of Teleport.

On Teleport Cloud, the version server is managed for you.

If you are running Teleport Enterprise, read the Self-Hosted Automatic Agent Updates guide to set up the version server yourself.