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Teleport Signals Reference

  • Available for:
  • OpenSource
  • Team
  • Cloud
  • Enterprise

You can send the following signals to a teleport process to trigger different functionality.

To send a signal, execute the following command on the host where teleport is running, replacing SIG with the name of the signal.

kill -SIG
SignalTeleport Daemon Behavior
USR1Dumps diagnostics/debugging information into syslog.
QUITGraceful shutdown. The daemon will wait until connections are dropped.
TERM , INT or KILLImmediate non-graceful shutdown. All existing connections will be dropped.
USR2Forks a new Teleport daemon to serve new connections.
HUPForks a new Teleport daemon to serve new connections and initiates the graceful shutdown of the existing process when there are no more clients connected to it.