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Jun 13
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Teleport Signals Reference

You can send the following signals to a teleport process to trigger different functionality.

To send a signal, execute the following command on the host where teleport is running, replacing SIG with the name of the signal.

kill -SIG
SignalTeleport Daemon Behavior
USR1Dumps diagnostics/debugging information into syslog.
QUITGraceful shutdown. The daemon will stop accepting new connections and it will wait (for up to 30 hours) until existing connections are closed before exiting.
TERM, INTImmediate non-graceful shutdown. All existing connections will be closed after a very short delay.
USR2Forks a new Teleport daemon to serve new connections.
HUPForks a new Teleport daemon to serve new connections and initiates the graceful shutdown of the existing process, same as SIGQUIT.