Scaling Privileged Access for Modern Infrastructure: Real-World Insights
Apr 25
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Helm Chart Reference

  • teleport-cluster: Deploy the teleport daemon on Kubernetes with preset configurations for the Auth and Proxy Services and support for any Teleport service configuration.
  • teleport-kube-agent: Deploy the Teleport Kubernetes Service, Application Service, or Database Service on Kubernetes.
  • teleport-operator: Deploy the Teleport Kubernetes Operator.
  • teleport-access-graph: Deploy the Teleport Access Graph service.
  • teleport-plugin-event-handler: Deploy the Teleport Event Handler plugin which sends events and session logs to Fluentd.
  • teleport-plugin-jira: Deploy the Teleport Jira Access Request Plugin, which allows approving of denying Access Requests via a Jira Project.
  • teleport-plugin-pagerduty: Deploy the Teleport PagerDuty Plugin, which allows sending PagerDuty alerts when Access Requests are made.
  • teleport-plugin-mattermost: Deploy the Teleport Mattermost Access Request Plugin, which allows approving or denying Access Requests via Mattermost.
  • teleport-plugin-slack: Deploy the Teleport Slack Plugin, which allows notifying Slack users and channels when Access Requests are made.