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Distributed Tracing Configuration Reference

Tracing Service configuration

teleport.yaml fields related to Distributed Tracing:

# Main service responsible for Distributed Tracing.
# You must enable the Tracing Service once per teleport.yaml for all
# agents that you wish to capture traces from,
  # Turns tracing on. Default is 'no'
  enabled: yes
  # The OLTP exporter to send traces to. Possible values:
  #    "grpc://"
  #      - Traces will be exported via gRPC to the provided URL.
  #    "http(s)://"
  #       - Traces will be exported via HTTP to the provided URL.
  #    "file:///var/lib/teleport/traces"
  #       - Traces will be saved to files within the provided directory. Each file
  #         will contain one proto encoded span per line. Files are rotated after
  #         reaching 100MB. To override the rotation limit add
  #         ?limit=<desired_file_size_in_bytes> to the exporter_url
  #         (i.e. file:///var/lib/teleport/traces?limit=100)
  exporter_url: grpc://
  # The number of samples to collect per million spans.
  # 1000000 will sample **all** spans generated by Teleport
  # 500000 will sample 50% of spans generated by Teleport
  # 10000 will sample 1% of spans generated by Teleport
  # 0 will not sample any spans generated by Teleport but will respect any parent span's sampling.
  sampling_rate_per_million: 1000000
  # Optional CA certificates are used to validate the exporter.
    - /var/lib/teleport/exporter_ca.pem
  # Optional TLS certificates are used to enable mTLS for the exporter
    - key_file: /var/lib/teleport/exporter_key.pem
      cert_file: /var/lib/teleport/exporter_cert.pem