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Machine ID FAQ


Can Machine ID be used within CI/CD jobs?

Yes, however it depends on your CI/CD provider. It's currently a good fit in the following situations:

  • Either short-lived or long-lived tasks run on AWS instances using AWS IAM joining.
  • Long-lived worker nodes, like self-hosted Jenkins workers, using token-based joining.
  • You use a supported SaaS CI/CD Provider:
    • GitHub Actions (Teleport 11)
    • CircleCI (coming in Teleport 11.1)

Can Machine ID be used with Trusted Clusters ?

From Teleport 12.2, Trusted Cluster support for SSH Access has been included in Machine ID.

We currently do not support access to applications, databases, or Kubernetes clusters in Trusted Clusters configured as leaf clusters.

Should I define allowed logins as user traits or within roles?

When defining the logins that your bot will be allowed to use, there are two options:

  • Directly adding the login to the logins section of the role that your bot will impersonate.
  • Adding the login to the logins trait of the bot user, and impersonating a role that includes the {{ internal.logins }} role variable. This is usually done by providing the --logins parameter when creating the bot.

For simpler scenarios, where you only expect to configure your bot with a single destination or role, it is permissible to add the login to the logins trait of the bot user. This will allow you to leverage existing roles like access.

For situations where your bot is producing certificates for different roles in different destinations it is important to consider if using login traits will grant access to resources that you were not intending to grant. For this reason, we recommend that in this situation you create bespoke roles that directly include the logins that you wish to grant to the certificates output in that destination.

Can Machine ID be used with per-session MFA?

We do not currently support Machine ID and per-session MFA. Enabling per-session MFA globally, or for roles impersonated by Machine ID, will prevent credentials produced by Machine ID from being used to connect to resources.

As a work-around, ensure that per-session MFA is enforced on individual roles rather than enforced globally, and that it is not enforced for roles that you will impersonate using Machine ID.