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Session Recording and Playback


Teleport Desktop Access supports recording and playback of desktop sessions.

Disabling session recording

Session recording is enabled by default, and can be disabled in one of two ways:

Disable session recording at the cluster level

To disable session recording at the cluster level, edit your teleport.yaml configuration file.

    session_recording: off

Disabling session recording at the cluster level applies to all types of recordings. For example, this configuration would prevent Teleport from recording SSH sessions as well as desktop sessions.

The session_recording property can also be configured dynamically by using tctl to edit the cluster's session_recording_config resource. This is the required approach for Teleport Cloud users.

Disable session recording via RBAC

Teleport's RBAC system allows more fine-grained control over which sessions are recorded. By default, desktop session recording is enabled. To disable desktop session recording for a particular user, add the following role option to all of the user's roles:

kind: role
version: v4
  name: no_desktop_recording
      desktop: false

Because recording can be important for auditing and compliance concerns, the presence of a single role with recording enabled will result in the session being recorded. In other words, all of the roles applied to a user must explicitly disable recording to prevent the session from being recorded.

See the Teleport Access Controls Reference for all possible settings in the record_session section.


When a desktop session is active, Teleport will indicate whether the session is being recorded in the menu bar at the top of the screen.


Recorded sessions can be viewed in the Session Recordings page. Desktop recordings show a desktop icon in the first column to distinguish them from SSH recordings.

RBAC for sessions

Since Teleport 8.1, sessions can be protected via RBAC. In order for a user to see desktop sessions in this list, their roles must permit access to the sessions resource.

Click the play button to open the player in a new tab. The desktop session player supports toggling between play and pause, but does not support seeking to a specific point in the stream, rewinding, or restarting playback when the end of the stream is reached. To replay a session, refresh the page.