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Desktop Access CLI Reference


The following tctl commands are used to manage the Teleport Windows Desktop Service.

  • Make sure you can connect to Teleport. Log in to your cluster using tsh, then use tctl remotely:
    tsh login [email protected]
    tctl status


    Version 13.0.3

    CA pin sha256:abdc1245efgh5678abdc1245efgh5678abdc1245efgh5678abdc1245efgh5678

    You can run subsequent tctl commands in this guide on your local machine.

    For full privileges, you can also run tctl commands on your Auth Service host.

Generate a join token for a Windows Desktop Service:

$ tctl tokens add --type=WindowsDesktop

List registered Windows Desktop Services:

$ tctl get windows_desktop_service

List registered Windows desktops:

$ tctl get windows_desktop