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Database Access Configuration Reference

Database Access Configuration Reference

Database service configuration

The following snippet shows full YAML configuration of a Database Service appearing in teleport.yaml configuration file:

  # Enables the Database Service.
  enabled: "yes"
  # This section contains definitions of all databases proxied by this
  # service, it can contain multiple database instances.
    # Name of the database proxy instance, used to reference in CLI.
  - name: "prod"
    # Free-form description of the database proxy instance.
    description: "Production database"
    # Database protocol. Can be "postgres", "mysql" or "mongodb".
    protocol: "postgres"
    # Database connection endpoint. Must be reachable from Database Service.
    uri: ""
    # Optional path to the CA used to validate the database certificate.
    ca_cert_file: /path/to/ca.pem
    # AWS specific configuration, only required for RDS/Aurora/Redshift.
      # Region the database is deployed in.
      region: "us-east-1"
      # Redshift specific configuration.
        # Redshift cluster identifier.
        cluster_id: "redshift-cluster-1"
    # GCP specific configuration for Cloud SQL databases.
      # GCP project ID.
      project_id: "xxx-1234"
      # Cloud SQL instance ID.
      instance_id: "example"
    # Static labels to assign to the database. Used in RBAC.
      env: "prod"
    # Dynamic labels ("commands"). Used in RBAC.
    - name: "hostname"
      command: ["hostname"]
      period: 1m0s

Proxy configuration

The following Proxy service configuration is relevant for Database Access:

Proxy TLS Warning for PostgreSQL
The PostgreSQL connection requires TLS enabled for the SSL connection that operates on the web_listen_addr. Do not set --insecure-no-tls for the proxy Teleport instances as a parameter. If you are terminating TLS at a Application Load Balancer (ALB) or other service that may require enabling a backend protocol of HTTPS for the target address.
  enabled: "yes"
  # PostgreSQL proxy is listening on the regular web proxy port.
  web_listen_addr: ""
  # MySQL proxy is listening on a separate port and needs to be enabled
  # on the proxy server.
  mysql_listen_addr: ""
  # By default database clients will be connecting to the Proxy over this
  # hostname. To override public address for specific database protocols
  # use postgres_public_addr and mysql_public_addr.
  public_addr: ""
  # Address advertised to PostgreSQL clients. If not set, public_addr is used.
  postgres_public_addr: ""
  # Address advertised to MySQL clients. If not set, public_addr is used.
  mysql_public_addr: ""
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