Teleport 15 Unveiled: Elevating Access and Security Across Infrastructure
Feb 21
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Database Access

  • Available for:
  • OpenSource
  • Team
  • Cloud
  • Enterprise

Teleport can provide secure connections to your databases while improving both access control and visibility.

Some of the things you can do with database access:

  • Enable users to retrieve short-lived database certificates using a Single Sign-On flow, thus maintaining their organization-wide identity.
  • Configure role-based access controls for databases and implement custom Access Request workflows.
  • Capture database activity in the Teleport audit log.


Let's connect to a PostgreSQL server with psql and pgAdmin 4 after authenticating with GitHub, execute a few SQL queries and observe them in the audit log:

Getting started

How to connect your database to Teleport


To learn more about configuring role-based access control for database access, check out the RBAC section.

The Architecture section provides a more in-depth look at Teleport Database Service internals such as networking and security.

See Reference for an overview of database access-related configuration and CLI commands.

If you hit any issues, check out the Troubleshooting documentation for common problems and solutions.


Finally, check out Frequently Asked Questions.