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Jun 13
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Enroll Kubernetes Services as Teleport Applications

Teleport can automatically detect applications running in your Kubernetes clusters and register them with your Teleport cluster. In this setup, users with Kubernetes-hosted infrastructure can configure secure access to any new applications they deploy with no need for manual intervention beyond the initial setup step.

To enroll Kubernetes applications automatically, your Teleport cluster requires the Teleport Discovery Service and Teleport Application Service. The Teleport Discovery Service queries your Kubernetes clusters to detect running applications, and registers these applications with your cluster. The Teleport Application Service then detects the new application resources and proxies user traffic to them.

  • Get started: Set up automatic application discovery with the teleport-kube-agent Helm chart.
  • Architecture: Learn how automatic application discovery works.
  • Reference: Consult this guide for options and Kubernetes annotations you can use to configure automatic Kubernetes application discovery.