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Application Access Guide


Application Access

Teleport Application Access is designed to provide secure access to internal dashboards and applications, such as:

  • Internal control panels.
  • Tools, such as wikis, that are available only when connected to a VPN.
  • Infrastructure dashboards, such as Kubernetes or Grafana.
  • Developer tools, such as Jenkins, GitLab, or Opsgenie.


Getting started

Get started with Application Access in a 10 minute guide.

Access guides

These guides explain basic Teleport Application Access usage.

  • Web App Access: How to access web apps with Teleport Application Access.
  • TCP App Access (Preview): How to access plain TCP apps with Teleport Application Access.
  • API Access: How to access REST APIs with Teleport Application Access.
  • AWS Access: How to access AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, and AWS SDKs with Teleport Application Access.
  • Dynamic Registration: Register/unregister apps without restarting Teleport.
  • Interactive Lab: Try Teleport using our guided Teleport Application Access lab.

JWT guides

These guides explain how web apps behind Teleport Application Access can leverage Teleport-signed JWT tokens to implement authentication and authorization.

  • Introduction: Introduction to JWT tokens with Application Access.
  • Elasticsearch: How to use JWT authentication with Elasticsearch.

Example legacy apps

A load balancer might display network telemetry through a control panel but might lack the ability to authenticate with and be accessed by resources outside your private network.

Teleport lets team members access these resources securely, even outside a private network:

  • Team members can access private resources securely using certificates and SSH tunnels.
  • No sharing of resource secrets, passwords, or credentials.
  • All interactions with any connected resource can be monitored, logged, and tracked.
  • Now, private resources can securely communicate with other resources that aren't on the network.

Other common legacy app scenarios:

  • An internal admin tool.
  • Control panel for networking devices.

Example modern apps

Teleport Application Access also supports modern web applications such as internal web tools and infrastructure software:

  • Kubernetes Dashboard.
  • Grafana.
  • Jupyter notebooks.
  • In-house Single-Page Apps (SPA).
  • SPA with custom JSON Web Token support (JWT).