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Health Monitoring

Teleport provides health checking mechanisms in order to verify that it is healthy and ready to serve traffic. These can be used by things like Kubernetes probes to monitor the health of a Teleport process.

Enable health monitoring

Teleport's diagnostic HTTP endpoints are disabled by default. You can enable them via:

Start a teleport instance with the --diag-addr flag set to the local address where the diagnostic endpoint will listen:

sudo teleport start --diag-addr=

Edit a teleport instance's configuration file (/etc/teleport.yaml by default) to include the following:


To enable debug logs:

    severity: DEBUG

Verify that Teleport is now serving the diagnostics endpoint:


Now you can collect monitoring information from several endpoints.


The endpoint responds with a body of {"status":"ok"} and an HTTP 200 OK status code if the process is running.

This is a simple check, suitable for determining if the Teleport process is still running.


The endpoint is similar to /healthz, but its response includes information about the state of the process.

The response body is a JSON object of the form:

{ "status": "a status message here"}

/readyz and heartbeats

If a Teleport component fails to execute its heartbeat procedure, it will enter a degraded state. Teleport will begin recovering from this state when a heartbeat completes successfully.

The first successful heartbeat will transition Teleport into a recovering state.

A second consecutive successful heartbeat will cause Teleport to transition to the OK state.

Teleport heartbeats run approximately every 60 seconds when healthy, and failed heartbeats are retried approximately every 5 seconds. This means that depending on the timing of heartbeats, it can take 60-70 seconds after connectivity is restored for /readyz to start reporting healthy again.

Status codes

The status code of the response can be one of:

  • HTTP 200 OK: Teleport is operating normally
  • HTTP 503 Service Unavailable: Teleport has encountered a connection error and is running in a degraded state. This happens when a Teleport heartbeat fails.
  • HTTP 400 Bad Request: Teleport is either entering its initial startup phase or has begun recovering from a degraded state.

The same state information is also available via the process_state metric under the /metrics endpoint.