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Jul 25
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Teleport Policy integrations

Teleport can integrate with identity providers (IdPs) like Okta and AWS OIDC which can then be used with Access Graph, providing a comprehensive, interactive view of how users, roles, and resources are interconnected, enabling administrators to better understand and control access policies.


Integrations page shows integrations that can be enabled or are already enabled in Access Graph.


Resources imported into Teleport through Teleport enabled integrations are automatically imported into Access graph without any additional configuration.

Set up a new integration

Visit the Teleport Web UI and click Access Management on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

On the left sidebar, click Access Graph. Click the connection icon:

Connection view

Choose an application. Example:

Step 1/3. Add integration

For example, we can connect to AWS through OIDC:

Step 2/3. Configure integration and allow sync

Run the provided command in AWS CloudShell:

Step 3/3. Select your AWS regions

Choose your AWS regions:


To access the interface, your user must have a role that allows list and read verbs on the access_graph resource, e.g.:

kind: role
version: v7
  name: my-role
    - resources:
      - access_graph
      - list
      - read

The preset editor role has the required permissions by default.

Teleport can also import and grant access to resources from an Okta organizations, such as user profiles, groups and applications. You can view connection data in Access Graph. Follow the steps here to add an (../../enroll-resources/application-access/okta/hosted-guide.mdx) in your cluster.

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