Teleport Launches Identity Governance and Security
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Why Teleport

Fast, Secure, and Scalable, Identity-Native Infrastructure Access

DevOps practices have revolutionized how apps and infrastructure are managed. But access hasn't kept up. Shared secrets like passwords and keys–the number one source of data breaches–are the norm. The Teleport Access Platform replaces shared secrets with true identity, removing risk while letting engineers go fast.

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Why Teleport

Complexity + Scale = Risk

More software, more people, and more infrastructure means complexity that only increases as you scale. It's no surprise that only 24% of employers are fully confident ex-employees no longer have access to company infrastructure. An admin username and password; an ssh key on a personal machine; a browser cookie sold on the dark web. Any of these can be used to launch an attack against your organization.

This combination of complexity and scale creates the perfect storm for breach.

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breaches due to shared secrets


of organizations still use shared secrets as their main access method


are not confident ex-employees don't have access to company infrastructure
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All Breaches Start the Same


A human error is exploited


Then hackers gain a foothold and pivot.


They expand access and now you are pwned

Teleport is Identity-Native

At Teleport, we don't just talk about Identity-native Infrastructure Access. We wrote the book on it. Our team is obsessed with helping organizations scale securely.


We come from organizations where failure was not an option when it came to scale and security. We know that the best security is transparent and doesn't get in the way of engineers doing their jobs. We learned the hard way that shared secrets and VPNs break over time, especially at cloud scale. So we solved it.

Rather than using antiquated shared secrets like keys and passwords, Teleport assigns a cryptographically validated identity to all engineers and machines. Instead of relying on the network, we built an internet facing identity-native access proxy so organizations can do actual Zero Trust.

By joining secretless and zero-trust, organizations can scale without fear and focus on what matters.

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With Teleport, the Secure Path is the Happy Path

Controlling access to infrastructure has always meant a trade-off between security operations and engineering experience. No more.

With Teleport, organizations no longer have to choose between good security and making engineers happy. Rather than creating more “security theater” with solutions that either don’t get adopted or are just flat out bypassed, Teleport elevates security by creating a frictionless engineering experience. How?

By removing the number one source of breach–passwords and shared secrets–and replacing them with easier to use and more secure biometrics. In addition to removing shared secrets, Teleport enables zero trust, while creating a single source of truth for all your infrastructure.

Teleport Access Platform Benefits

Frictionless Experience

Transparent security that gives engineers a frictionless infrastructure access experience free of constant context switching.


Replaces insecure shared secrets with phishing-proof access for every engineer and service connected to your global infrastructure.

Zero Trust

Allows any engineer or machine to securely connect to any infrastructure resource in the world without the need for cumbersome VPNs.

Single Source of Truth

Removes access silos and creates an authoritative single source of truth for access policy across all your infrastructure.

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