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Jun 13
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New Episode - May 23, 2024 at 10 AM PT

Teleport Workload Identity with SPIFFE: Achieving Zero Trust in Modern Infrastructure

Noah Stride headshot

Noah Stride

Software Engineer
Dave Sudia headshot

Dave Sudia

Senior Product Engineer

Teleport Access Platform generates cryptographic identity for users, machines, devices, and resources, creating a single source of truth for what users and machines are accessing what in your modern infrastructure. Now, engineers will be able to generate identity specific to workloads and services, enabling your full modern infrastructure stack to operate with zero trust authentication.

With Teleport Workload Identity, we are implementing the SPIFFE standard from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Teleport can now issue a SPIFFE ID for each of your workloads so they have an identity within Teleport in the same way that users and machines do. They can use this ID to authenticate to each other using mTLS, so only the right workloads can access the workloads and services that they are authorized for.

Join Noah Stride, Software Engineer at Teleport, and Dave Sudia, Product Engineer at Teleport, as we:

  • Introduce Workload Identity and why you will want to implement it in your system
  • Give an overview of the SPIFFE standard and why implementations are rapidly expanding
  • Demonstrate Teleport Workload Identity in action
  • Show what else is coming for Workload Identity

This session is appropriate for anyone interested in learning about Workload Identity, as we will cover the topic from the basics up. Join us and learn more about this new frontier of cloud security!

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