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New Episode - April 25, 2024 at 8:30 AM PT

Scaling Privileged Access for Modern Infrastructure: Real-World Insights

John Capps headshot

John Capps

VP of Infrastructure
VIDA Digital Identity
Ev Kontsevoy headshot

Ev Kontsevoy


Implementing and scaling privileged access in modern computing environments generates new challenges for security and engineering productivity. Modern computing architectures are ephemeral, elastic, on-demand, and complex. This webinar delves into the challenges faced by platform engineering and infrastructure teams when enabling secure access in these environments.

In this session, John Capps, Vice President of Infrastructure at VIDA, a leading digital identity company operating in Indonesia, will share his team's transformative journey in securing privileged access. John will outline the initial use cases that focused on fortifying and streamlining his engineering team's access, along with subsequent expansions to cater to broader business functions and customer requirements.

Joining John is Ev Kontsevoy, the co-founder and CEO of Teleport, who will provide valuable insights into key strategies for enhancing security. Ev will illuminate the process of eliminating secrets, consolidating identities, implementing zero trust principles, and unifying policy frameworks. These measures serve to bolster security measures and effectively mitigate the attack surfaces that are frequently targeted by threat actors today.

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