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Just-in-Time Access Request Plugins


Teleport Just-in-Time Access Requests allow users to receive temporary elevated privileges by seeking consent from one or more reviewers, depending on your configuration.

With Teleport's Access Request plugins, users can manage Access Requests from within your organization's existing messaging and project management solutions.

Plugin guides

IntegrationTypeSetup Instructions
SlackMessagingSet up Slack
MattermostMessagingSet up Mattermost
Microsoft TeamsMessagingSet up Microsoft Teams
JiraProject BoardSet up Jira
PagerDutyScheduleSet up PagerDuty
EmailMessagingSet up email
DiscordMessagingSet up Discord


Access Request plugins are self-contained programs that connect to the Teleport Auth Service's gRPC API to listen for audit events relating to new or updated Access Requests. After processing an Access Request event, Access Request plugins interact with a third-party API (e.g., the Slack or PagerDuty APIs).

Access Request plugins can run within private networks that are isolated from the Teleport Auth Service. To access the Auth Service API, they connect to the Proxy Service, which establishes a reverse tunnel for the plugin to access the Auth Service.

You can run multiple instances of an Access Request plugin for high availability by deploying each instance in a separate availability zone. There is no need for additional configuration or load balancing, as plugins avoid creating duplicate requests to their third-party APIs.

To read more about the architecture of an Access Request plugin, and start writing your own, read our Access Request plugin development guide.