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Teleport Blog - A Love Letter to Zero-Trust - Feb 15, 2024

A Love Letter to Zero-Trust

Hello Teleport Community,

I’ve pulled the February newsletter forward one day to include a short zero-trust Valentine’s Day message (at the bottom of the newsletter). We’ve started the year with another bumper release of Teleport. Teleport 15 is our latest release — I’ve covered all of the key additions in this blog post. One of the biggest improvements has been to the Windows, latency and performance is much faster. If you haven’t tried Teleport Desktop Access, now is a good time.

I’ll be deep-diving into the release on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 10 am. You can RSVP here. Along with covering all new features and improvements in Teleport 15, we’ll also be demoing the improvements made to the standalone Kubernetes Operator.

Last week we hosted Teleport Connect Virtual 2023 Replay — all of these videos are now available on YouTube. One of my personal favorites is Providing Highly Available Teleport with Teleport Cloud, which covers in-depth all of the magic and engineering that goes into making Teleport Cloud highly available.

Tomorrow Ev Kontsevoy (CEO) and Sasha Klizhentas (CTO) will join Melinda Marks of ESG in covering Modernizing Access to Mitigate Security Risk and Speed Threat Response. This should be a great webinar, and I would highly recommend registering to watch it.

As promised to close this month's newsletter, here’s an AI-assisted Valentine’s Day poem about Zero Trust.

Roses are red, violets are blue, In a world of cyber threats, zero trust is our clue. No insider nor outsider gets a free pass, Every access request, through a security glass. Verification's a must, no matter the relation, With continuous checks, we prevent data invasion. Policies and controls, finely tuned and bespoke, Ensuring safety, without the trust we revoke. From applications to networks, all paths are inspected, With least privilege access, threats are detected. Identity and context, at the heart of the scheme, Protecting our assets, as part of the team. So here's to zero trust, on this Valentine's Day, A framework of security, leading the way. Roses may wither, violets may fade, But our commitment to safety will never be swayed.


  • [Webinar] Modernizing Access to Mitigate Security Risk and Speed Threat Response. Feb. 15 RSVP
  • [Webinar] Teleport 15 Unveiled: Elevating Access and Security Across Platforms. Feb. 21st RSVP
  • [Event] Innovate Cybersecurity Summit. Feb. 25-27 RSVP
  • [Event] Kubecon EU March 19 - 22


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