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Identity-based, passwordless access to Windows hosts across all computing environments: in the cloud, on-premises, or on the edge.

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Single Sign On
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Desktop Access
Windows 10
Windows 10
Windows 10
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Improve security and ease-of-use with passwordless access for your Windows infrastructure

Teleport Desktop Access provides identity-based, passwordless access to Windows Servers and Desktops across all cloud, on-premises, and edge environments.
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Active Directory integration

Provide identity-based access to all Windows servers or desktops via integration with your Active Directory or any other SSO provider with MFA support.

TLS routing

Certificate-based protocol negotiation shrinks the network attack surface area of all your Windows hosts to a single TCP/IP port and reduces operational overhead.

Cloud Native Security

Teleport Desktop Access never exposes the RDP protocol to the outside world, relying on the modern cloud-native TLS over HTTP backed by auto-expiring x.509 certificates tied to user identity.

Secure access that doesn't get in the way

With Teleport, developers stay productive with the same instant, passwordless login to their Windows machines as they have for the rest of their cloud native infrastructure. Windows permissions are always in sync with other layers of your stack removing the need to juggle shared secrets, or hop between VPNs and multiple access points.
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Passwordless login

Teleport provides a single passwordless experience based on biometric authentication to all Windows hosts using your favorite hardware authenticator.

Browser-based access

Enjoy desktop connectivity to your Windows hosts via a web browser using a device of your choice.

Windows and Linux

A single login provides instant access to mixed infrastructure including RDP, SSH, Kubernetes, databases, CI/CD tools, and the entire DevOps toolbox across all environments.

For Security Professionals

Complete visibility into access and behavior

Teleport provides a live view and an audit log for Windows user sessions across all environments, making it easy to see what’s happening and who is responsible.
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Unified audit log

Teleport Desktop Access maintains the detailed audit log of all security events across your Windows fleet. The audit log can be exported to a SIEM solution of your choice.

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Session recording

Every interactive desktop session is recorded for future replay and can be analyzed by other tools for behavior anomalies.

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Live server inventory

With a real-time inventory of all your Windows servers in the cloud, on-prem, or edge, resource discovery and maintenance are easy.

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Works with everything you have

Teleport Desktop Access works with Windows Servers 2012 R2 and Windows 10 or newer. Users can login with Active Directory, or any other SSO provider. Teleport also works with the rest of your Linux, Kubernetes, and DevOps Stack.

Google Cloud
Active Directory
One Login

Easy to get started

Teleport is easy to deploy and use. We believe that simple and easy-to-use software is key to first-class security because it reduces the risk of a human error.

Teleport Desktop Access is just a single binary.
  1. Download and install the teleport service.
  2. Connect to your Windows-based infrastructure via a browser.
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