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Jun 27
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New Episode - February 21, 2024 at 10 am PST

Teleport 15 Unveiled: Elevating Access and Security Across Infrastructure

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Ben Arent

Director of Developer Relations
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Dave Sudia

Senior Product Engineer

Join us for an exclusive first look at Teleport 15, the latest version of the Teleport Platform.  In this webinar, we’ll review the latest editions to Teleport and will cover tips for upgrading.

Highlights of Teleport 15 include:

  • Enhanced Desktop Access: Experience the new, more performant RDP engine, offering a smoother desktop access experience. With significant performance improvements, accessing remote desktops has never been more efficient.
  • Advanced Database Access: Discover the ease of RDS auto-discovery in our Access Management UI. We've streamlined the process of enrolling RDS databases, making setup and management simpler and more intuitive.
  • Expanded Windows Access: Teleport 15 leverages its improved RDP engine to provide an unmatched Windows access experience, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance.
  • Device Trust Extensions: Now supporting Linux devices with TPM 2.0, Teleport Device Trust extends its reach. Additionally, access applications securely with device enforcement via tsh proxy app.
  • Kubernetes Integration: Introducing EKS integration, Teleport 15 allows users to easily enroll EKS clusters through the Access Management UI, enhancing Kubernetes access and management.
  • Simplified SAML IdP Configuration: The improved SAML application configuration flow in the Access Management UI now includes automatic entity descriptor fetching and attribute mapping, streamlining the identity provider setup.
  • MFA for Administrative Actions: With the introduction of MFA for sensitive administrative cluster actions, Teleport 15 ensures an even higher level of security for your systems.

This webinar is targeted at people that are already familiar with Teleport, new users should watch one of our new Introduction to Teleport webinars.

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