Simplifying FedRAMP Compliance with Teleport
Jun 27
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Teleport Access Platform

Teleport: Modern SSH Jump Server Solution

Discover how Teleport redefines privileged access management for elastic server clusters with our modern SSH Jump Server solution. Streamline your security and access protocols, ensuring seamless, secure connections to your infrastructure.

What is Teleport?

Teleport is a modern system for managing privileged access for elastic clusters. It is designed for information security best practices, including short-lived certificates, role-based access control and logging of all activity.

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Why Use Teleport? - Removes the hassles of key management completely -

Improves security through the use of time-based access - Allows for fine grained role based access controls (RBAC)

Additional Benefits of Teleport

  • Passes compliance

    All events are logged and SSH sessions are recorded for auditing to meet the strictest compliance standards.

  • Easy integrations

    Teleport has simple integration points with your existing identity manager, like Okta, Active Directory, G-Suite and others.

  • Works with OpenSSH

    There is no need to install Teleport on all your servers. Teleport will work with OpenSSH currently on your servers.

  • Pricing that scales with you

    Teleport is priced based on number of nodes you connect to through the Teleport Proxy and scales as your server fleet size grows.

    We also offer customized license structures and terms of service for enterprise customers.

    Teleport Features

    Teleport delivers the following features, whether you are using it to manage access to your Kubernetes clusters or underlying servers through SSH

  • Event logging for audits
  • Short-lived certificate authentication

  • Session Recording
  • Role based access control
  • Dynamic node labeling with SSH
  • Cluster level trust management

  • Certificate rotation without downtime

  • Settings for PCI, HIPAA, ISO compliance

  • SSO with 2FA
  • Highly available configuration
  • Linux, Mac and Windows clients
  • Web / browser UI
  • Compatible with OpenSSH nodes.
  • Existing identity provider integration (OIDC, SAML).

  • Demo Teleport

    Server Access
    For SSH servers behind NAT in multiple environments.
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    Kubernetes Access
    For Kubernetes clusters behind NAT in multiple environments.
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    Application Access
    For web applications behind NAT in multiple environments.
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    Database Access
    For databases behind NAT in multiple environments.
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    Desktop Access
    For Windows servers & desktops in multiple environments.
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