Teleport Launches Identity Governance and Security
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Cyber Attacks Have Shifted to Identity

Most detected cloud cyber attacks use valid credentials.

Today, most cloud cyber attacks are malware-free, targeting infrastructure engineers through phishing, credential theft, or privileged access breaches*.

* Crowdstrike 2023 Global Threat Report

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Identity Governance & Security

Protect identities across all of your infrastructure with Teleport

Eliminate weak access patterns through access monitoring, minimize attack surface with access requests and purge unused permissions via mandatory access reviews.

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Eliminate Weak Access Patterns

Access Monitoring provides visibility into privileged access to critical data and infrastructure.

Privileged Access Monitoring

Reduce attack surface by identifying privileged access with weak security practices. Detect overly broad privileges for SSH, Kubernetes, Databases, Windows Servers and SaaS services. Inspect how many critical sessions are not using strong protection, such as multi-factor authentication and trusted devices.

Alerting and Response

Alert on access violations and purge unused permissions with automated access rules.

Reduce Attack Surface With Just-In-Time Access

Enforce principle of least privilege with self-serve access requests and automated access reviews.

Access Requests

Grant only those privileges necessary to complete the task at hand. Remove the need for super-privileged accounts. Developers can use their preferred tools - kubectl, ssh, ansible, postgresql and many more.

Access Reviews

Review access requests using Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, Jira and ServiceNow. Implement your own review logic using our API and Go SDK. Reduce IT overhead with assigned managers and automatic mandatory access reviews.

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Respond To Identity Threats

Take immediate action with identity locking in your incident response. You can lock suspicious or compromised identities and stop them in their tracks, across all protocols and services.

Access Provisioning

Provision and deprovision access for all users and machines across all of your infrastructure, Kubernetes clusters, SSH servers, databases, and SaaS services.

Identity Locking

Lock suspicious or compromised identities and stop all their activity, across all protocols and services.

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