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Teleport Blog - March Newsletter. Kubecon EU and License Changes - Mar 15, 2024

March Newsletter. Kubecon EU and License Changes

Hello Teleport Community,

We have some important topics to cover in this month's newsletter. The first is our recent announcement about the changes to Teleport Community Edition. Starting with Teleport 16, Teleport will switch Teleport Community Edition to a new commercial license with new restrictions. A few key notes about these restrictions:

  • Individuals are free to use Teleport Community Edition for personal and hobby use with no restrictions.
  • Companies may use Teleport Community Edition on the condition they have less than 100 employees and less than $10MM in annual revenue
  • Companies cannot resell or embed Teleport Community Edition in their products or services.
  • Companies larger than 100 employees or more than $10MM ARR need to contact our sales team to evaluate and use Teleport.
  • We will stop distributing compiled binaries, container images, and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) under Apache 2.0, starting with Teleport 16. We will switch the license of those assets to the commercial license of Teleport Community Edition.
  • We will continue to support previous versions according to our published schedule. Additionally, we will maintain the Apache 2.0 license for Community Edition binaries, containers, and images for Teleport Community Edition versions **prior to **Teleport 16.

Please review this blog post by our CTO, Aleksandr Klizhentas, which goes over why we are making the change and who will be impacted by the change. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact our team at [email protected].

Meet us at Kubecon EU

Our team will be at Kubecon EU next week. We’ll be at booth number E15 for demo sessions, swag, and in-depth discussions with our team, including our CTO. You can also pre-book a meeting here: ​

In the last year, we’ve made these updates to our Kubernetes support:

  1. Standalone Kubernetes Operator 15.0.0
  2. Teleport Connect will now prompt for an MFA tap before accessing Kubernetes clusters when per-session MFA is enabled. 15.0.0
  3. Kubernetes apps auto-discovery 14.0.0
  4. Extended Kubernetes per-resource RBAC with per-pod RBAC. 14.0.0
  5. Machine ID: Kubernetes Secret destination 14.0.0
  6. Teleport Discovery Service for Kubernetes in AWS EKS, Azure AKS and Google Cloud GKE.

I recommend checking out our Kubernetes documentation. We’ve updated it a lot in the past year, and it’s worth checking out.

Product updates

We are in the middle of a release cycle; last week, we started to roll out Teleport 15 for our Cloud customers. If your cloud tenant hasn’t been upgraded, this is likely due to having older agents connected to your cluster. We recommend using Automatic Agent upgrades to update these. If you need any assistance, please reach out to us on Slack.

We released our first minor version, Teleport 15.1.0 on Feb. 29th. This includes a few nifty additions, including standalone tbot images, custom mouse pointers for remote desktop sessions, and Synchronization of Okta groups and apps. As always, you can stay up to date via our changelog.


  • Kubecon EU. March 19th - 22nd. Book a Meeting
  • Transforming Privileged Access: A Dialogue on Secretless, Zero Trust Architecture: March 28, 2024 at 9 am PT. RSVP
  • bSides SF. May 4-5th. RSVP



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