Scaling Privileged Access for Modern Infrastructure: Real-World Insights
Apr 25
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New Webinar - March 28, 2024 at 9 am PT

Transforming Privileged Access: A Dialogue on Secretless, Zero Trust Architecture

Jack Poller headshot

Jack Poller

IAM Analyst
Ev Kontsevoy headshot

Ev Kontsevoy


Join us for an insightful webinar featuring IAM analyst Jack Poller and Teleport CEO Ev Kontsevoy as they delve into the nuances of privilege management and the paradigm shift towards a secretless, zero trust, least privileged architecture for engineers accessing cloud and on-premises compute infrastructure.

In this engaging conversation, Jack Poller will share his expertise on the differences between securing privileges in IT and compute infrastructure, highlighting the limitations of traditional privilege management strategies and the need for a more robust and agile approach when securing infrastructure access.

Ev Kontsevoy will provide invaluable perspectives on how organizations can eliminate attack surfaces while enhancing the daily satisfaction of engineers who access critical resources. Ev will discuss the transformative impact of this architecture on security posture, operational efficiency, and overall business resilience.

Throughout the webinar, participants will gain actionable insights into:

  • The evolving threat landscape and its implications for privilege management
  • Key principles and components of a secretless, zero trust, least privileged architecture
  • Strategies for implementing and integrating this architecture into existing infrastructure
  • The tangible benefits of adopting a modern privilege management approach, including enhanced security and improved user experience

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of privilege management in a growing threat landscape and learn how your organization can embrace a more secure and efficient future.

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