Teleport 16: Advancing Infrastructure Defense in Depth with Device Trust, MFA, and VNET
Jul 25
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Access Requests with Jira

Use Jira to be alerted when someone needs access to infrastructure resources within Teleport.

  • Teleport's Jira integration notifies individuals and channels of Access Requests. Users can then approve and deny Access Requests from within Jira, making it easier to implement security best practices without compromising productivity.
  • Just-in-time Access Requests with Jira

    Just-in-time Access Requests are a powerful way to implement the principle of least privilege in your organization, leaving an attacker with no permanent admins to target. Users receive elevated privileges for a limited period of time. Request approvers can be configured with limited cluster access so they are not high-value targets.
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs

    Keep track of every access request approved or denied via Jira. Teleport's detailed audit logs help maintain compliance and make it easy to detect and investigate any suspicious activity.

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