Teleport 16: Advancing Infrastructure Defense in Depth with Device Trust, MFA, and VNET
Jul 25
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New Episode - July 11, 2024 at 9 AM PT

Hardening Infrastructure Security Against SSO Identity Provider Compromise

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Ev Kontsevoy

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Luca Carettoni

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Francesco Lacerenza

Senior Security Engineer

In an era where Identity Providers (IdPs) have become prime targets for cyber attackers, relying solely on single sign-on (SSO) authentication can leave organizations vulnerable to various sophisticated threats such as social engineering, credential stuffing, and session hijacking. Join us for an in-depth webinar to explore how Teleport is redefining infrastructure security strategies that protect infrastructure even in the event of identity provider compromise.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn about the strategies that defend infrastructure from IdP compromise. Teleport and security research firm Doyensec will review research and key findings that show how to defend against common threat vectors faced by identity providers.
  • Get an exclusive look at the new features in Teleport 16 that support infrastructure security hardening strategies:
    • Per-session MFA Enforcement: Understand how Teleport 16 enforces multi-factor authentication (MFA) for each session, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
    • Device Trust for Web Access: Learn about the new trusted hardware checks for web applications and Windows desktops, ensuring access is granted only from known and secure devices.
    • Zero Trust Access with Teleport VNet: Explore how Teleport VNet offers zero trust access to applications without the need for VPNs, using ephemeral mutually authenticated tunnels to simplify secure connectivity.

Who Should Attend:

  • Infrastructure and IT Security professionals
  • CISOs and CIOs
  • Network Security Architects

Takeaway: Equip your organization with advanced strategies to fortify your infrastructure against IdP breaches. Gain actionable insights into leveraging Teleport 16's features to create a more resilient and secure environment.

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