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Manage your Cluster


In this section, you can find guides on managing a Teleport cluster after deploying it.

Export audit events

Teleport's Auth Service maintains an audit log that tracks events in your cluster, such when a user begins an SSH session or attempts to authenticate. You can get insight into how users are interacting with your Teleport cluster by exporting audit events to your log management solution. See how in the Exporting Audit Events guides.


While Teleport is designed with security in mind, there are steps you can take to ensure that your cluster is as secure as possible. Read about these in the Security section.

Admin guides

The Admin Guides section describes how to perform routine administrative tasks in your Teleport cluster, such as upgrading the teleport binary or adding labels to Teleport resources.


The Operations section describes how to perform critical, infrequent tasks such as achieving scalability, upgrading a cluster, and rotating Teleport's certificate authority.


Teleport integrates with third-party software in order to enable secure access to your infrastructure. The Integrations section describes Teleport's Kubernetes Operator, Terraform Provider, and other integrations.


To get visibility into the performance of the Teleport services running in your infrastructure, you can use Teleport's built-in metrics, traces, and profiling. Learn more in the Diagnostics section.