Teleport 16: Advancing Infrastructure Defense in Depth with Device Trust, MFA, and VNET
Jul 25
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Secretless Database Access

The easiest, most secure way to access data

Secure, compliant, and effortless Database Access for all DBs from Amazon Aurora to Snowflake

Trusted by Market Leaders

Prevent phishing attacks

Move away from vulnerable keys and passwords towards auto-expiring certificates for users and service account store access databases.

Meet compliance requirements

Continuously maintain compliance and pass audits with minimal effort, The supported standards include SOC 2, FedRAMP, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI and more.

Complete visibility into access and behaviour

See what's happening and who is responsible with the live session view, and the consolidated audit log across all the databases.

Free yourself from network boundaries

You can access databases running anywhere. From clouds and data centers to this party private networks behind NAT and firewalls,

Access that doesn't get in the way

Login once and easily switch between environments, No need to juggle passwords or hop between VPNs.

Break access silos

Reduce overhead by consolidating database access permission in one place. Easily enforce policy for engineers and service accounts across all environments.


SSO for all database

SSO lets you quickly onboard and off-board your team. Teleport works with any SAML or OIDC SSO Provider.

FIPS mode

Avoid human errors by enforcing only configuration options that are compliant with FIPS 140-2

Service accounts

Automatically issue and rotate certificates for CI/CD automation with the Machine ID feature.

Access requests

Move away from privileged accounts with just-in-time temporary privilege escalation.

Service controls

Moderated sessions, concurrent session restrictions, proactive session termination, and identity locking.

Trusted devices catalog

Automatic live catalog of trusted servers, trusted laptops and workstations.

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Works with everything you have

Teleport supports most popular databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, ElasticSearch, AWS RedShift, AWS DynamoDB, and more.
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