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Teleport Blog - Teleport Connect 2023 - Sep 15, 2023

Teleport Connect 2023

Teleport Connect 2023

Hello Teleport Community,

For this month's newsletter, I’m going to dive deep into our user conference Teleport Connect 2023. Teleport Connect 2023 is our 2nd user conference. It’s a chance to meet with our customers, community and team to discuss all things DevOps, Security and Infrastructure related. The event will be held in person in SF on Oct. 25, with a virtual ‘replay’ event happening later this year.


There are a few good reasons to attend Teleport Connect 2023. The first would be the people— both speakers and attendees have in-depth knowledge of running and scaling Teleport. Teleport is often deployed at large institutions or hyper-growth startups and teams often don’t blog/post about the details and challenges of infrastructure access. Last year, we had a lot of cross-sharing of ideas from attendees. Next up will be the team; a large percentage of Teleport engineers and executives will be at the event. This year we’ll have a dedicated engineering track that’ll go deep into everything from the 2024 roadmap and Machine ID to how our cloud team scales Teleport.


Teleport Connect 2023 is a dual-track conference with a workshop add-on. The Julia Morgan Ballroom track will contain the two keynotes of the day. First, a keynote from Jason Loomis of Freshworks titled “People, process, and technology” (strikethrough intentional) covering the people aspects of building high-functioning cybersecurity teams. A keynote from Teleport CEO Ev Kontsevoy will follow this, and then throughout the day, we’ll have a range of presentations from the community and Teleport users.

Teleport Connect Keynote
Teleport Connect Keynote

In the downstairs ‘Merchants Exchange Club’ we’ll have an engineering track, with content from the Teleport Engineering team. This track will provide a range of talks and in-depth details into how Teleport works and how we scale Teleport.


Teleport Connect 2023 will take place on Wednesday, Oct 25th in the SF financial district. The event will be all day, with a happy hour at the end. We’ll be recording the talks but won’t be live streaming, we’ll plan to re-stream the event and have a virtual event later in the year.

How much?

Our standard conference pass is $199, but as a newsletter subscriber, you get a 3-day promo for a $23 ticket. Use promo code ‘newsletter23’ or this link.

Register for Teleport Connect 2023
Register for Teleport Connect 2023




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