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Teleport Blog - Teleport 6.2 - May 27, 2021

Teleport 6.2

The team recently released Teleport 6.2. This post will walk you through some of the new features and additions included in this release.

Quickly jump to these sections:

Application Access

We’ve made iterative improvements to Application Access. This release focus is on connecting to other applications.

Pass-through header support

We’ve added pass-through header support. Pass-through is a common way of accessing tools and is supported by Splunk, Jenkins, Grafana. This can be configured by rewriting the headers on a per-app basis.

  enabled: "yes"
    - name: "dumper"
      description: "Header dumper"
      uri: http://localhost:4321
          - "X-Teleport-Cluster: root"
          - "X-Teleport-Logins: {{internal.logins}}"
          - "X-Custom-Trait-Env: {{external.env}}"

Native JWT Support with Grafana 8.0

Our team has had a PR accepted to provide native JWT Support to Grafana. This feature means Teleport will send JWT tokens to login into Grafana. Grafana has more instructions on how to setup JWT tokens on their documentation site. This integration will only provide authentication, and it won’t create users that aren’t already created in Grafana. This feature is currently in Grafana 8.0 beta.

Example changed to grafana.ini

enabled = true
header_name = Teleport-Jwt-Assertion
email_claim = sub
username_claim = sub
jwk_set_url =

Kubernetes Access

You now view connected clusters in Teleport UI. This feature makes it easier to view labels and view setup instructions. You’ll still need to use kubectl to access the cluster.

Kubernetes Fixes: Fixed issue where kubectl exec sessions were not being recorded when the target pod was killed. #6068

Database Access

Amazon Redshift Support

Redshift is a data warehouse from Amazon. It’s used to store and query data; by using Teleport, customers can audit any query from data analysts. Teleport will provide a secure short-lived connection to the data warehouse making access easier than setting up complicated IAM roles per analyst. Follow our Redshift Guide

Server Access

PAM with Custom Parameters

Teleport supports setting arbitrary environment variables for PAM modules as of version 6.1. These variables can also be role-style SSO claims in the form {{ }} where email is a claim made by the configured SSO IdP. This can be used to

To set custom environment variables, update /etc/teleport.yaml with:

    # disabled by default
    enabled: true
    # use /etc/pam.d/sshd configuration (the default)
    service_name: "sshd"
    # use the "auth" modules in the PAM config
    # "false" by default
    use_pam_auth: true
    # sets custom environment variables for PAM modules
    # no environment variables except the standard `TELEPORT_USERNAME`, `TELEPORT_LOGIN`, and `TELEPORT_ROLES`
      FOO: "bar"
      EMAIL: "{{ }}"

Trusted Clusters

Teleport will pass on identity provider claims/attributes to leaf clusters for use in leaf role templating.

This allows users to have, for example, identical roles in both clusters that grant access based on the user's traits, which is the behavior some customers expect.

Example role node labels:

  env: { { external.env } }

Cluster Quick Nav

We’ve added a leaf cluster quick launcher, to help you quickly get to the cluster you need.

Under the hood

We’ve made a range of other improvements under the hood, check out our for more details.

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Breaking Changes

Agent Forwarding

Teleport 6.2 brings a potentially backward incompatible change with tsh agent forwarding. Prior to Teleport 6.2, tsh ssh -A would create an in-memory SSH agent from your ~/.tsh directory and forward that agent to the target host.

Starting in Teleport 6.2 tsh ssh -A by default now forwards your system SSH agent (available at $SSH_AUTH_SOCK). Users wishing to retain the prior behavior can use tsh ssh -o "ForwardAgent local".

For more details see RFD 22 and implementation in #6525.


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