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Teleport Blog - Teleport 4.1 - IPv6, ProxyJump and Packages - Oct 2, 2019

Teleport 4.1 - IPv6, ProxyJump and Packages

Introducing Teleport 4.1

Hot on the heels of our Teleport 4.0 release, we now have another point bump to our privileged access management solution. We’ve highlighted a few key features here, and have a full list of improvements and fixes attached to our Teleport 4.1.0 GitHub release.


Our last major version added the ability for thousands of nodes to connect to Teleport from a single authentication endpoint. To help support the massive proliferation of IoT devices we now support their language, IPv6. Even if you’re not connecting IoT devices, we are starting to see many more organizations move to native IPv6 networking. Teleport now fully supports IPv6 for SSH services and also in the Web UI.


RPM & DEB Packages for Teleport

Next up, we have solved one of our most commented feature requests - “Package the installer for common OSes”. We’ve updated our build process to create RPM/DEB packages for Teleport on Linux, as well as a handy .pkg installer for Mac.

teleport package
teleport package

ProxyJump compatibility

Teleport now provides support for jump hosts using the new -J flag. Compared to our ‘ProxyCommand’ flag, ProxyJump provides the most secure end-to-end encryption, with all traffic passing through intermediate hosts always being encrypted.

tsh ssh -J telenode

See our docs for more information.

Other Updates

There are many other improvements, upgrades, and bug fixes in Teleport 4.1, including the ability to quickly backup dynamic cluster configuration. For full details, visit the Teleport Github Release page

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Point versions are compatible within major releases, but we do recommend rolling out the upgrade across the whole fleet and updating clients' tsh libraries as you upgrade. Enterprise and Pro customers should be sure to reach out to our support team if they run into any issues.


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