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Teleport Blog - Teleport 2.0 Released - Apr 11, 2017

Teleport 2.0 Released

Today we are officially releasing version 2.0 of Teleport. We'd like to thank the community and our customers for their valuable feedback on Teleport. Some quick stats on the Teleport Github repository as of 03/30/2017:

  • Over 4,100 Github Stars
  • Downloaded over 10,000 times
  • 2,471 commits from 34 contributors

What is Teleport?

Teleport is a modern SSH server designed for teams managing distributed infrastructure. You can read more about Teleport on its website or online documentation.

Who uses Teleport?

  • Managed service providers: ops teams who manage applications and infrastructure for their customers.
  • SaaS companies: teams who have multiple environments distributed across staging/production and geographic dimensions like Teleport for managing trust across all these environments.
  • Software vendors: they like Teleport for providing remote support of their products. Teleport can be used as a "remote control" to assist their customers with any issues of their software installed and running on-premises.
  • Enterprise IT departments: to enforce secure and consistent access patterns across their internal servers and cloud infrastructure.

2.0 Release Notes

The new features in Teleport 2.0 are:

  • Native support for DynamoDB back-end for storing cluster state.
  • It is now possible to disable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
  • Support for Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP) for Two-Factor Authentication.
  • New and easy to use framework for implementing secret storage plug-ins.
  • Audit log format has been finalized and documented.
  • Experimental simple file-based secret storage back-end.

Additional improvements:

  • Improvements to OpenSSH interoperability including:
    • Host Certificates now contain DNS names as well as Teleport IDs.
    • Corrected export formats for Certificate Authorities.
    • tsh login and tsh agent now support loading keys into external SSH agents.
    • Improvements and fixes for Ansible integration.
  • Server-side enforceable authentication.
  • Enhanced OIDC functionality to support parsing UserInfo for claims information.
  • Friendlier CLI error messages.

Teleport Enterprise

In addition to these improvements to the open source distribution of Teleport, we are releasing a commercial version of Teleport, called Teleport Enterprise. This commercial release will include features that make it easier for large organizations to manage Teleport, including:

  • Role-based access control (RBAC).
  • Integration with External Identity Providers.
  • SSH agent forwarding
  • Dynamic configuration, which gives you the ability to manage roles and trusted clusters at runtime.
  • 24/7 Commercial Support.


Teleport 2.0 is meant to be a drop-in replacement for the 1.x series. However, it is always recommended to make a backup of the cluster state prior to replacing the teleport binary with a new version. The cluster state is located in /var/lib/teleport directory for filesystem-based deployments. Users of the etcd backend should use etcdctl backup command to accomplish this.

Security Audit Status

We are working with an independent auditor to conduct a security audit of Teleport v2.0 and Teleport Enterprise and they will be publishing the resulting audit in April 2017. The last audit we conducted was just prior to the release of v1.0 so we believe it is prudent to conduct another audit at this time.

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More info

For more information about Teleport, you can take a look at the documentation or the Github repo. It is open sourced so feel free to dig in; issues and/or pull requests are welcome. Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions: [email protected].


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